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MAGIC Bodyfashion unveils 2018 Advent Calendar

We’ve had chocolate, beauty and booze, but now MAGIC Bodyfashion unveils its 2018 advent calendar containing EVERY accessory solution you need for Christmas.

From Silicone Bra Straps to armpit shields.

MAGIC Bodyfashion Christmas Advent Calendar 2018
Image credit: Magic Bodyfashion

OK, chocolate advents are great and everything and a boozy one never goes wrong, however MAGIC Bodyfashion has came up with a more practical advent which has every underwear and accessory solution you might need for over the festive period.

The calendar is priced at £65 from magicbodyfashion.com and includes 24 days of lingerie, accessories and beauty essentials. You will receive the following:

1. Mirror
2. MAGIC Clip
3. Low Back Strap
4. Laundry Bag
5. Crystal Puff
6. Famous Footies
7. Diva Fronties
8. Silicone Bra Straps
9. Exercise Band
10. Fashion Tape
11. Secret Covers
12. Eye Mask
13. Armpit Shields
14. Bra Extender
15. Hipster
16. Lift Up Form
17. Princess Heels
18. Shirt Closure Straps
19. Shower Cap
20. Celebrities Softies
21. Thong
22. Invisible String
23. Make-Up Brushes
24. Lingerie Bag

We’ve had everything from beauty, booze to chocolates but now you can countdown to Christmas with 24 Magic solutions for your underwear drawer.

Magic Bodyfashion advent calendar
Image credit: Magic Bodyfashion

This is the type of calendar we NEED, not just want! It combines practicality and aesthetics perfectly and is something we feel is an essential for the festive season.

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