Make Your Very Own Gluten Free Christmas Cake With Delicious Alchemy

We know how frustrating it can be seeing so many delicious Christmas cakes when you have a gluten or dairy intolerance.  Well fear not, as Delicious Alchemy have now released a gluten and dairy free Christmas cake mix that will be just as delicious as any other cake on Christmas Day.  We were kindly sent this to review.

Each year, the centerpiece of our Christmas Day table is without fail, a delicious homemade Christmas cake full of brandy, fruit, and eh… gluten & Dairy.  It can be hard finding something equally as delicious to bake when you have a gluten or dairy intolerance.  Delicious Alchemy were kind enough to send us here at UTCT one of their gluten and dairy free Christmas cake mixes, so we asked gluten intolerant home baker Heather, to bake this and let us know her thoughts on the cake mix.

Heather said:

“I was asked by UTCT to bake this and give my thoughts on both the mixture and the cake itself.  I had a spare afternoon and being a keen home baker, I was excited to give this a go.

There certainly was no shortage of mixture and I found it quite simple to work with.  With that said, I was instantly thrown off as the method asks you to add your liquids prior to flour etc; which I am not used to and found quite odd.

With that said, the mix all combined well (although I felt there was an excessive amount of fruit) and it was quick to make. I popped the cake into the oven for 1 hour and 45 minutes (just enough time for me to do the dishes and hoovering!) and was presented with a lovely cake which smelled incredible.  I let this cool before slicing it up and feeding it to my family. They had no idea that it was a ‘free from’ recipe and thought it was delicious, as did I. You only need a very small amount to pack a big punch as this is quite a rich cake but I would happily bake this cake again for Christmas Day!”

Well, Heather was certainly impressed! This is available from Delicious Alchemy.

Will you be trying out this ‘free from’ Christmas cake mix? Let us know in the comments below.

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