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First look at Matalan’s Christmas 2021 decorations and home decor

Matalan’s Christmas 2021 collection for the home includes stunning wreaths, Giant Merry Christmas baubles and very festive cosy bedding.

Matalan Christmas 2021 Home Decorations
Image credit: Matalan

Last year, Matalan’s Christmas advert celebrated the ups and downs that make Christmas real which featured its purse-friendly products throughout, this year, the UK retailers decorations are all about fun, luxury and full of colour.

Matalan Christmas 2021: Nutcracker Ornaments
Image credit: Matalan

Of course, Matalan is known for its massive range of home decor at Christmas (which this year includes Nutcracker ornaments and Naughty and Nice cushions), which is why we’ve highlighted just a few of our favourites below.


1. Naughty or Nice Cushion £10

Matalan Christmas 2021 - Naughty cushion

2 Tree Picks £2 each

Matalan Christmas 2021 - Matalan Tree Picks £2 each

3  Half Wreath £15

Matalan Christmas 2021 - Half Wreath £15

4 Tea Set Decoration £3.50

Matalan Christmas 2021 - Tea Set Decoration £3.50

5 Holly Duvet Set from £10

Matalan Christmas 2021 - Holly Duvet Set from £10

6 Tabletop Nutcracker £12

Matalan Christmas 2021 - Tabletop Nutcracker £12

Matalan’s Christmas store will officially launch mid-September, and we can’t wait to get hold of all the yult-tide delights!

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