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Milkybar Mix Ups could be our new Christmas indulgence

Nestlé has unveiled its first Milkybar chocolate buttons and we seriously think these are going to be our new Christmas indulgence.

For the very first time, Nestlé Milkybar buttons will mix white chocolate with milk chocolate.

Inside the white chocolate button is milk chocolate and vice versa and they sound amazingly good.

Heading in stores across the UK and Ireland this week we can easily see these becoming our new Christmas weakness.  Imagine if they came in a “roses” style tub but filled with mix up buttons? – OK have we went to far?!

The sweets are being made at Nestlé’s factory in Fawdon, Newcastle which is the home of Munchies, Rolo’s and many more.

Alberto Pisanello, Assistant Brand Manager for Milkybar, said: “We get a lot of requests from Milkybar fans who have been asking us to mix white chocolate with milk chocolate for a long time but it’s not something we’ve done before with original Milkybar.

“Milkybar is famously white chocolate so it needed to be something special if we were going to mix things up. We think Milkybar Mix Ups are very special, and if they are as popular out there as they have been at Nestlé HQ then we’re sure our fans will absolutely love them!”

With Easter just around the corner there’s never been a better excuse to go out and grab a bag – or six!

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