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Morrisons Showcases Tasty Christmas Range 2021

Morrisons is the next grocery giant to showcase their brand new Christmas range and it looks oh so tasty! Here are some of the highlights:

Image Of Morrisons Santa Belly Cake
Image credit: Morrisons


The Best Best Sloe Gin Baking Brie– £5

Image Of Morrisons Baked Brie
Image credit: Morrisons

Baking Brie from Normandy with dried cranberries, and a sour cherry & sloe gin glaze. This will be available from Novemeber 17th and will cost . has also announced a Baking Camembert with Sprout Pesto!

Morrisons The Best Triple Smoked Salmon Dressed with Orange Oil – £4

Image Of Morrisons Smoked Salmon
Image credit: Morrisons

This Scottish Salmon has smoked three times over oak wood and cask chippings in Morrisons own kilns in Grimsby to develop a rich flavour and buttery texture, then marinaded with orange juice and clementine oil and garnished with a dried orange slice for a festive twist.

The Best Oven Roasted Mushroom Vegan Pate – £4

Image Of Morrisons Vegan Pate
Image credit: Morrisons

An indulgent plant based mushroom pate made with oven roasted mushrooms, vegan alternative soft cheese, vegan alternative cream and enhanced with garlic, parsley, thyme, porcini mushrooms and smoked paprika. Available from .


The Best Spiced Rum & Blackberry Glazed Gammon – £10

Image Of Spiced Rum & Blackberry Glazed Gammon
Image credit: Morrisons

Sweetcured British gammon joint with a gluten free blackberry, spice & rum glaze. Available from .

Vegan Roast Joint with Herb & Onion Stuffing – £5

Image Of Morrisons Vegan Joint
Image credit: Morrisons

Succulent soya joint encases a centre of Caramelised Onion, Parsley, Sage, Thyme Stuffing. Hand topped with paprika gluten-free bread crumbs and a bay leaf. Available .


The Best Salted Caramel Choux Stack – £8

Image Of Morrisons Salted Caramel Choux Stack
Image credit: Morrisons

Three layers of crisp choux pastry, filled with a rich and buttery salted caramel sauce and lashings of whipped British salted caramel cream. Generously topped with Belgian chocolate ganache and hand piped salted caramel sauce. Finished with crunchy honeycomb pieces and a light dusting of gold sparkle. Available from .

The Best Billionaires Cheesecake – £10

Image Of Morrisons Billionaire Cheesecake
Image credit: Morrisons

Luxuriously rich Belgian chocolate sponge, layered with caramel and finished with crunchy honeycomb pieces and a dark chocolate glaze. Available from .

The Best Vegan Strawberry Trifle – £5

Image Of Morrisons Vegan Trifle
Image credit: Morrisons

A first to market, this trifle is 100% vegan. Taking inspiration from a Christmas classic, layers of strawberry compote have been topped with sponge cubes, Madagascan vanilla dairy and egg-free custard and dairy free cream. Finished with gold sparkle for an extra special touch.Acailable from .


The Best Vegetable Tempura Nests With Sweet Chilli Dip – £4

Image Of Morrisons Tempura Nest
Image credit: Morrisons

The Best Pork Taco Cups – £5

Image Of Morrisons Pork Taco Cups
Image credit: Morrisons

Packed full of flavour and these dainty bites do just that. Made using British Pork blended with Smoky Chipotle paste, Roast Garlic, smoked Paprika and coriander. The spicy taco cups deliver a real chilli kick and crispy texture. The succulent meaty pork meatballs are well seasoned with a meaty juicy texture and topped with a rich and smoky tomato salsa that compliments the meatballs perfectly. Available from .


Morrisons The Best Apple & Cranberry Parcels Wrapped In Bacon – £3

Image Of Morrisons The Best Apple & Cranberry Parcels Wrapped In Bacon
Image credit: Morrisons

Gluten free pork, apple and cranberry sausage meat wrapped in smoked bacon. Available from .

No-Pigs In Blankets – £2.50

Image Of Morrisons No Pigs In Blankets
Image credit: Morrisons


Santa Belly Cake – £12

Image Of Morrisons Santa Belly Cake
Image credit: Morrisons

Soft madeira sponge, filled with raspberry jam and buttercream, covered with soft icing and decorated by hand with an edible belt, buckle and buttons. Available from .

Reindeer Cake – £6

Image Of Morrisons Reindeer Cake
Image credit: Morrisons

Chocolate sponge cake filled with a chocolate buttercream and covered with milk chocolate stars and edible decorations. Available from . Morrisons is the latest to release a reindeer cake and will be joining ASDA’s Roddy The Reindeer cake!

Morrisons is the latest grocer to release their brand new Christmas range for 2021 and joins Tesco, ASDA, Waitrose & Parters and ALDI. Christmas never looked so tasty!