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Waitrose unveils Christmas 2022 food offerings

Waitrose has revealed this year’s Christmas food offerings including a Christmas dinner sausage roll plus over 20 vegan festive products that look divine!

Just wait until you see Heston’s Pear & Fig Mince Pies in Triple Cheese Pastry…

Waitrose Christmas Food 2022
All image credit: Waitrose

The months are racing through and Christmas is already in sight, and we’re 100% ready to get it kicked started and no wonder, as Waitrose is next in line to showcase what they will offer this Christmas, and if we do say so ourselves it looks like the brands best line-up yet.

Food, if we’re all honest, is one of THE main highlights of the day and like last year, Waitrose has created a super delicious feasting menu the whole family will enjoy.

Waitrose Christmas Food 2022 - Vegan Layered Mushroom Parfait

Emma Beale, Head of Product Innovation & Own Brand at Waitrose, says: “Christmas over the last few years has been very different, but with searches already rising on waitrose.com, we know our customers are preparing for big festive celebrations with loved ones this year. Our wonderful team has loved creating a fantastic selection of new products, whilst staying true to our values of great tasting, ethically sourced, delicious food – I’m sure our customers will love them just as much as we do.”

So, without further ado, we’ve put together our highlights from Waitrose & Partners’ Christmas 2022 food selection including Heston Blumenthal’s big new hits.


You can never have too many canapés! and whether you’re having a big party or an intimate soirée your buffet table should be bursting at the seams with the weight of more-ish nibbles to gobble up and when it comes to finger food Waitrose has a great selection to choose from. This year, tickle your tastebuds with ’Nduja and Burrata Profiteroles or perhaps these Vegan 10 Mini No Beef Empanadas – we’ll have three of each, please.

Waitrose Christmas Food 2022 - Vegan 10 Mini No Beef Empanadas

But, if you really want that WOW factor when your guests go to help themselves, then ensure the Christmas Dinner Sausage Roll sits bang in the centre of your buffet.

Waitrose Christmas Food 2022 - Christmas Dinner Sausage Roll


Now, although turkey is a traditional staple for some, the UK supermarket has gone all out for centrepieces which we feel definitely worthy of pride of place on your table this holiday season. From Heston Festive Peking Duck which has been partly deboned and rubbed with festive spices, glazed with an on-trend mulled wine hoisin sauce, with aromatic pulled duck and pork stuffing balls and shimmering duck crackling.

Waitrose Christmas Food 2022 - Heston Festive Peking Duck

But, if you’re hunting for something a little different to serve this year, look no further than Waitrose’s Vegan Jewelled Roast with a Fruity Centre which wills serve four and cost £5.99.

Waitrose Christmas Food 2022 - Waitrose's Vegan Jewelled Roast with a Fruity Centre

No plate can be complete until that last Brussell sprout rolls off and this Christmas you can choose from a plethora of sides including this British Pork Jewelled Stuffing Wreath.

Waitrose Christmas Food 2022 - British Pork Jewelled Stuffing Wreath

And you can’t go without the staple chipolatas and this year you can scoff these British Pork Truffle Chipolatas which are made with summer truffle, and wrapped in dry cured unsmoked streaky bacon, you might want to buy extra as we all know everyone is going to want seconds.

Waitrose Christmas Food 2022 - British Pork Truffle Chipolatas


Not all after-dinner dishes have to be sweet, wait what?! as Heston from Waitrose proves as he creates what we can only describe as what looks like food heaven on a plate with his new Fig & Pear Mince Pies in Triple Cheese Pastry.

Waitrose Christmas Food 2022 - Fig & Pear Mince Pies in Triple Cheese Pastry

And a supermarket first, this new savoury Parmesan & Cracked Black Pepper Panettone is certainly one we can’t wait to try.

Waitrose Christmas Food 2022 - Parmesan & Cracked Black Pepper Panettone

Now, don’t get us wrong, there’s always room for something sweet too! and we think want to highlight this beauty, the No.1 Blood Orange & White Chocolate Quenelle, our taste buds are in overdrive right now.

Waitrose Christmas Food 2022 - No.1 Blood Orange & White Chocolate Quenelle


A time-honoured after-dinner treat, however, if the cheeseboard is on show earlier then sorry, we’re on it and this 2022 Waitrose describes its cheeseboard as “a cheeseboard of dreams!” and by the looks of this lot, we don’t think we can disagree, especially with this Vegan Melting Chilli Bake.

Waitrose Christmas Food 2022 - Vegan Melting Chilli Bake

So whether you are scoffing on seconds, ramming in your 5th mince pie of the day or simply grazing on the never-ending cheeseboard, there’s one thing you can guarantee, you’ll certainly hit the snooze button on the sofa after filling your belly with this lot, we can’t wait to dig in.