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Moustache Smash Game From Spin Master

We were delighted when Spin Master sent us over it’s new Moustache Smash Game and we couldn’t wait to set it up.

The game is designed for kids aged 7 and over, so we enrolled the ‘big kids’ from the office to put it through it’s paces.

What do you get when you put four elves around a board game? A LOT of laughter!

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The fun began as soon as we removed everything from the very colourful box, as 4 members of the team dived to grab one of the six moustaches on sticks which then took another 10 minutes to stop them laughing at each other and settle down to play the game.

Moustache Smash by Spin Master is available at Amazon UK.

The object of the game is really simple, in fact it’s a lot like a game of snap only this time we were matching moustache cards.

Mandy was first to go and held her moustache stick up under her nose – roars of laughter yet again, Elaine, as the Dealer, flipped over the top card from the deck of 32 cards, and placed it in the center of the table.

If the card has a moustache on it that matches the colour or shape of yours, smash it with your moustache. The suction cup on the side of the stick will pick up the card.

This is when the fun really began as 4 “supposedly intelligent” adults reverted back to their childhood and rushed to stab the card. Over excitement got in the way and two of the team each had to forfeit 2 of their cards as they smashed when they shouldn’t.

The next round saw disappointed faces as no one had a moustache that matched the card, which was then left in the center of the table and the game continued. John was next to match his moustache and card and collected not just his winning card but also all the cards which were in the pot.

Adding in a bit of extra excitement were the Smash and Pass cards.  A Smash card means anyone can smash and if your family is anything like the UTCT team – chaos will reign as everyone gets in on the act. A Pass card means everyone must pass their moustache to the player on their left. The game is over when all of the cards have been dealt. Each player must then count up the number of cards they’ve earned, including Smash and Pass cards. Katy was the winner as she had collected the most cards.

The only difficult part of playing Moustache Smash is getting the players to give up their moustache sticks when it’s over as everyone found it hilarious to carry on walking around wearing their ‘staches’.

Moustache Smash from Spin Master is a very simple, laugh out loud game that great to play when friends and family come around.

With no long, complicated rules to get through, this game is so easy to understand, even for the youngest players.  Based on the now old fashioned game of snap this game encourages quick thinking and is perfect for those among us with a short attention span.

We had such fun playing this family board game and can’t wait to play it again;  this is one toy that definitely won’t be found gathering dust in a corner.

However we do challenge you to say Spin Master Moustache Smash three times…we ended up saying moosetache!

Moustache Smash is available at Amazon UK

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