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Christmas Gift Review 2020: Nerf Bunkr Take Cover Inflatables

If you’re looking for a low cost Christmas gift for 2020 then we’ve got you covered with the Nerf Bunkr Take Cover inflatables. Priced at £9.99, these are perfect gifts for the nerf lover in your life. We were kindly gifted some of these and wanted to share our thoughts.

Nerf Bunkr Inflatable Cones
Image credit: Nerf

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Nerf is a combat game that children (and often adults too!) enjoy playing with, against their friends and loved ones.

The Nerf Bunkr Cover Items are inflatable with a 3 point valve and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For outdoor use, this has an integrated water base for stability and each product has integrated dart storage. Alongside this, each inflatable is shaped like their name (a traffic cone or Caution Crate in this instance) and come with game cards.

Nerf Bunkr Cone
Image credit: Nerf

We asked John to inflate these and share his thoughts: “Who doesn’t love a good old Nerf battle? We here at UTCT do! Although, I normally fall ‘victim’ as I become the main target of the other 4 staff! Get the Violins out…

These arrived in cylindrical boxes (Santas elves might not appreciate this for gift wrapping!) and are emblazoned with the Nerf Logo.

Inflating these is very easy with the 3 point valve and water stability base. I’m grateful for the water stability base, otherwise, these winds would definitely send these rolling through the hills! The integrated dart storage is in the top of each inflatable and is ideal for during combat.

Amazon, £9.99*: SHOP NOW 

These are sturdy and durable. If you happened to get mud on them whilst using outdoors, these are easily wipeable and easy to keep clean. It’s also worth noting that these deflate and can be rolled up for storing back in their tube. Overall I am pretty impressed with these – they’ll certainly provide me with some shelter against the fire of UTCTs staff in future!”

These would be ideal for any Nerf fan and would make a great gift and is a fun way to encourage kids to play together.

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