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Christmas Gift Review 2021: Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo has welcomed a new member to the family, the Nintendo Switch OLED games console that can be played in three different ways. We were kindly sent Nintendo Switch OLED to review, here’s what Mandy from our team thought.

Nintendo Switch OLED - White
Image credit: Nintendo

Mandy said: “Ever since I was young, I have loved the Nintendo consoles and games, from the original NES, N64, Wii and now the new Nintendo Switch OLED, they have always been packed full of features and the games are brilliant.

So when the new Switch OLED arrived in the office I was (overly) excited to give this a try. First, in the box, you will find everything you need the Nintendo Switch OLED, Joy-Con controllers, dock, adapter, HDMI cable and two straps.

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Next up, it was time to go through the setup which was very straightforward, I plugged in the adapter, slid the Joy-Con controllers onto the correct sides of the console and pressed the power button which is found on the top left of the Switch OLED. I was then greeted with a short video then prompted to select my language preference, there is a clicking noise when selecting your options, next up was Region, Accept License Agreement, and put in my Wi-Fi network which displayed an animation while it was trying to connect.

After that I selected my Time Zone, at this point I had the option to connect this to a TV which I did but you can skip this for later. I pressed ‘Connect to TV’ which then gave me instructions on how to set up the dock and the correct way to place the Nintendo OLED into the dock. After that, I was prompted to detach the Joy-Cons and was then shown how to use the Nintendo Switch OLED with the Joy-Cons attached or detached and with the stand. Then, it was time to ‘Add User’ this is where I had the option to create a new user, which I was, or if I had another Switch console, I would import the data from that.

I choose an icon that I could change at any point and put in my chosen user name. Then it was time to Link a Nintendo Account, again this could be done later but if you already had an account, this would let you access online play, friends features, browse Nintendo eShop and more, after a few more steps I reached the Parental Controls which allowed me to restrict certain features on the console if I wanted to, I thought this was a great way to know what your kids were accessing. Then the Nintendo Switch OLED was ready to use and there are three different ways to do so handheld, tablet or TV so no matter how you like to play there is an option for everyone.

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I liked the screen size on the Nintendo Switch, it is 7″ and is OLED which gives a really clear and crisp screen, wasn’t heavy to hold and I felt the audio was clear to hear. I could have the Joy-Con controllers attached if I was just playing but if I wanted to play with a friend, I could simply detach these and each of us could use one of the Joy-Con controllers to play the game and there is an adjustable stand so I could adjust the angle to the way I liked it.

There is the handheld option too, where I could pick it up and play anywhere, I had the Joy-Con controllers attached for gameplay. Finally, there is the option to connect this to your TV, if you didn’t set up this option in the beginning you can go back and do so at this point. To use the Nintendo Switch OLED on your TV after you have connected it through a LAN cable which is not included, you simply place your Switch OLED into the dock, connect a LAN cable and put the Joy-Con controllers onto either side of the included Nintendo controller which flashes green when you do this and you are ready for action.

Overall I loved the new Nintendo Switch OLED, the design is so modern, sleek and had everything I expected from a Nintendo console. I felt the setup was easy and quick and loved all of the features especially the parental controls as this gives peace of mind knowing what your kids are accessing and I can’t wait to go and get some of my favourite games such as Mario and Zelda and play this over and over again!”

Nintendo Switch OLED
Image credit: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch OLED is available to buy online for £309.99 for the console only with games sold separately.