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Christmas Gift Review 2020: Nixplay Smart Photo Frame

Ever wanted to instantly share your favourite photo’s with your family and friends without having to access social media all the time? Now you can with Nixplay Smart Photo Frame.

Image Of Nixplay Smart Photo Frame
Image credit: Nixplay

We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what Holly from our team thought.

Holly said: “I take photos all of the time whether it is from family holidays to nights out with friends and sometimes it would be quite nice to see these on a photo frame and not always have to access social media on my phone to view, so I was really keen to give Nixplay Smart Photo Frame a try.

Image Of Nixplay Smart Photo Frame Packaging

First up I loved the packaging it came in, the Nixplay was in a sturdy, strong black box with a gold sleeve over the top for an extra layer of protection and on the front it says that for every Nixplay Smart Photo Frame bought, a tree is planted so this also helps the environment. I lifted the photo frame out of the box, which was actually a lot lighter than I thought it was going to be and I really liked the metal look. Also inside was the remote control, Wall Mounting Guide, 2 x M4 screws, power cable, batteries and of course a handy set of instructions.

Image Of Nixplay Smart Photo Frame Remote

When I had taken everything out of the box I noticed the handy and very modern cable at the back which meant I could have this in portrait and landscape and it didn’t feel like it was about to fall over at any point. I placed the batteries into the remote and it was time to turn this on. When I did I was greeted with a set of easy instructions to follow including setting my language, Wi-Fi password and of course, adding on my Nixplay account. It was simple to add in my pictures, I simply accessed the Nixplay app and shared the photo to my frame, as soon as I did this it instantly appeared on the screen.

Image Of Nixplay Smart Photo Frame

As I got used to working the Smart Photo Frame, I began adding in more and more photos and even the odd video, it was lovely to be greeted with happy memories of the people that mean the most to me every time I walked past the Nixplay. What really got me was that you can also add in your friends so they can share photos that they had onto my smart photo frame, however, I’m not sure that this was a great feature as some of the pictures were very embarrassing but funny!

Image Of Nixplay Smart Photo Frame Back

If you don’t fancy leaving the Nixplay on a sideboard or unit, there’s also an option to place it on the wall – perfect for freeing up space, inside you’ll receive a scale picture of the Nixplay Smart Photo Frame so I could hold it up and place the photo frame wherever I wanted it without having to put the included nails in only to find out it was squint.

Overall I loved being able to see all of my favourite photos and videos and the fact that my friends and family could add in some too was a real bonus, it was nice to be able to relive the fun memories we all had, especially with the year we’ve had it’s a good way to lift spirits. A perfect Christmas gift for the whole family to enjoy.”

Nixplay Smart Photo Frame is priced at £269.99 and can be bought here.