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No Christmas Special for Sherlock in 2016

The Beeb have just announced that filming of Sherlock series 4 began on 4th April,2016. With bated breath and fingers crossed we trolled through the BBC’s media information in the hope that there would be news of a 2016 Sherlock Christmas special – all to no avail.


The good news however is that it is likely that series four of our favourite series will be aired on New Year’s Day, 2017 as were series 2 and 3.

Steven Moffat has confirmed that the series will be three stand-alone films, 90 minutes each, and an ongoing mystery, as there sort of always is. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly he provided a few characteristic teases, including the promise that series four would contain answers “to questions which nobody has asked”


It has been rumoured that series four will include the death of the recently arrived but much-loved Mary Watson, played by Amanda Abbington.

What’s next for Sherlock and Watson? Do you think we’ll see the return of Moriarty in this new series?  Let us know your predictions below.

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