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Oregon Scientific Interactive Smart Globe Discovery

We were delighted when Oregon Scientific sent us their Smart Globe Discovery for review and we couldn’t wait to put it through it’s paces.

The interactive globe arrived well packaged and came with batteries ready installed (it requires 3AA batteries and we would recommend you have some spares on hand) so that it was good to go as soon as the packaging was removed.

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Designed for children over 6 the Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe is packed full of exciting interactive activities and with over 250 countries to explore it has loads of educational content – who knew learning could be such fun?

As everyone in the team wanted to try it out we decided that we’d turn it into a competition – the winner was to be excused tea/coffee making for 1 week!

Each member of the team would take turns to draw the names of 5 capital cities from a hat, the aim of the challenge was to be first to light each one up on the globe using the SmartPen.

John was first to take the challenge and quickly found his 5 capitals – luckily he’d drawn 2 from the UK, next up was Katy, she wasn’t quite so lucky as John and it took her quite some time to find Minsk.

Elaine, confident that she would knock John from first place, drew her 5 names, unfortunately her luck ran out and eventually had to be shown where Godthab was. (Greenland).

Growing ever more confident John urged Mandy the youngest member of the team to find her capital cities. Remarkably she did and in a few seconds faster than John making her the winner.

We can happily say that we had loads of fun trying out the three activity panels on this amazing Globe and we all enjoyed the quizzes in Ultimate Challenge mode (it’s amazing how little we knew about our planet!)

One thing we did all agree on is that kids will love it and it would make a great Christmas or birthday gift. You will be amazed just how quickly they’ll learn about the world they live in and the people who populate it.

Priced at around £54.99 the Oregon Scientific Interactive Smart Globe Discovery is available from Amazon UK.

Will Santa be dropping a SmartGlobe down your chimney this Christmas? Get in touch below and let us know.

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