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Our Apple tree’s are preparing for Christmas – Part 1!

Pie’s, crumble, jelly, decorations – the list is endless with what you can do with apples from your tree. We here at UTCT HQ are lucky enough to have two gorgeous tree’s which are soon to be packed full of tasty apples just waiting for us to use this Christmas.

Apple, apples, apples!

Apple Tree's in blossom

Yes, we know, Apples are probably the easiest tree fruit to grow, however we’re still proud as punch every year that ours still blossom and produce mounds of tasty eating & cooing apples.

So we wanted to share with our festive friends the process and how we’ll use these come the festive season. Now, if we don’t say so ourselves the blossom on our tree’s this Spring was simply stunning. This is what both tree’s looked like just a couple of weeks ago.

Apple tree in full blossom

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As the months go by we’ll keep you up to date on the progress of our Apple tree’s plus when we’ll pick the fruit off, we’ll let you into a little secret we always wait until a hard frost has been.

When the fruit has been removed, we like to keep some for Christmas decorations, a good amount for the birds and insects to eat, stew and freeze to be used for baking for the festive period where we make pie’s, chutney, mincemeat, crumbles and also hand out to local neighbours, well it’s always nice to give back at Christmas!

Bowl of fruit
Image credit: Pixabay

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If you’ve got an apple tree, bake with apples, make festive decorations with the fruit then send us your pictures via our social media as we’d love to see our festive friends creations.

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