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Our Favourite Candles and Diffusers to Give This Christmas

From the smell of a perfect tree to the warming aromas of cinnamon, we’ve burned each candle to test its burn-time, glow and aroma and put together our favourite tried and tested candles and diffusers to give this Christmas. We were kindly sent these to review.

Our Favourite Candles and Diffusers to Give This Christmas

Be Merry the second you arrive home.

1. Molton Brown Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine Aroma Reeds£45

Molton Brown Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine Aroma

Molton Brown although a little more expensive smells exactly like a Christmas tree however not overpowering like some juniper and pine fragrances. Katy said:

‘I always love Molton Brown’s Christmas sets and its new limited edition Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine Aroma Reeds instantly reminded me of a wintry mix of Christmas trees and leaves. Popping the lid off and placing in the eight reeds (you can use less reeds for a more intensifying aroma) I sat this in our room and instantly you could smell soft notes of the Lapp Pine and berries, it does take 24 hours to fill the room with the scent and I did notice next day it was stronger, most 5oz oils last around 90 days so this should keep me going right up until Christmas. If you’re looking for something a little different (even though a bit pricey) to give as a gift I would certainly put this on my list.

2.  Yankee Candle Spiced White Cocoa£23.99

Yankee Candle Spiced White Cocoa

With notes of White cocoa, Nutmeg and Butterscotch, Yankee’s Spiced White Cocoa Candle will make the ultimate sweet treat this Xmas. Here’s what Katy thought:

‘I’m not usually a fan of sweet smelling candles, usually as they’re way to strong, however before burning I shut my eyes and took a deep whiff, straight away you could smell chocolate. Once lit it only took around an hour before the whole room smelled of a bakery store, and as the day went on you could smell the nutmeg and butterscotch, a bit like a Starbucks Xmas coffee! Burning for around 6 hours a day the candle has so far lasted around 20 days.

3.  Lilou et Loic Saffron Ginger Candle – RRP £50

 Lilou et Loic Saffron Ginger Candle For Christmas

Lilou et Loic Saffron and Ginger candle is a bright and spicy candle which embraces the blends of golden saffron, ginger, cardamom and sweet orange. Elaine tested it and said:

‘Firstly the packaging, if you’re looking for the wow factor this certainly has it! Arriving in its own striped box with black bow on top, it was already one of my favouries. Opening the round lid, the smell of ginger and saffron hit me straight away, The candle which is encased in a stainless steel case, burns for around 50 hours, I’ve had this on for around 2 hours every day and I’m on the 10th day and it’s not even a third down. Filling my room with spicy notes, the candle does fill your room very quickly, great for me as I love stronger smelling candles. Overall if you’re looking to add luxury to your home this would be my choice.’

4.  Monsoon Bergamon and Fig Candle & Diffuser – RRP £17 

Monsoon Bergamon and Fig Candle & Diffuser

The Bergamot & Fig candle and Diffuser has a strong mix of scents which will give you that Autumnal cosy feeling, here’s what Holly thought:

‘As the nights get darker I’m always looking for something to fill my room and make it feel cosy and warm, Monsoon’s Bergamont and Fig candle & diffuser did exactly that. If you’re a fan of strong smelling candles (like me!) you’ll love this.  I tried placing both the candle and diffuser into different rooms to see if the smell would stay and it certainly did!. The gold lid and circle (which had a sort of snowflake design) really made this stand out in my room and the diffuser which I placed in the bathroom gave a really fresh earthy smell.

5.  Scentered sleep well therapeutic The Patchouli, Cedarwood and Clove candle Travel size £16 for 85g

 Scentered sleep well therapeutic The Patchouli, Cedarwood and Clove ca

Scentered Sleep Well Palmarosa, Lavender and Ylang Ylang will make you sleep like a baby this Christmas, here are Mandy’s thoughts:

‘Sleep Well Therapeutic candles help with a good bedtime routine especially with its calming properties. So before heading off for probably another nights sleep of twist and turns I lit the Scentered candle. On first thoughts I thought it smelled like Love Heart sweets, however it wasn’t long before notes of Lavender came through. As it says on the box you need to burn for a good 60 minutes until it burns across the full width of the candle and then it will burn across the candle and not down the wick. After doing so, I left the candle for around 30 more minutes then blew it out – my room smelled divine! Giving me a good nights rest I woke up-to the super relaxing scents still in the air. If you’re looking to relax a little this Christmas even just when taking a bath, make sure this takes pride of place in your room, plus you can also get a travel size version so you can take away with you.’

6. Primark Home Collection – Jasmine & Spiced Woods£5.00

Primark Home Collection - Jasmine and Spiced Woods

Rose gold design with stunning Christmas tree topper, this smells like a crisp winter’s morning and will burn for 25 hours. Here’s Mandy’s thoughts:

‘Primark home range has never failed me yet and the Jasmine & Spiced Woods candle has ticked all the boxes. A lovely calming smell of Jasmine with hints of spice which made me feel like I was in a log cabin. The candle has a very gentle smell, which when coming in and out of the room you could still easily smell. Overall for £5 the design and smell could knock the socks off some of the bigger more expensive ones.’

7.  Beefayre’s Spiced Orange Winter CandleRRP £18.00

Beefayre's Spiced Orange Winter Candle

Beefayre’s Spiced orange candle not only helps to protect the bees by donating 3% off all profits to Bee conservation but the smell will remind you of times gone by. Here’s Katy’s thoughts:

‘I love it when a candle reminds you of past memories and in just one sniff Beefayre’s spiced orange did just that. Before burning I passed this round the team for everyone to have a sniff and asked what they could smell first – Cinnamon and clementine! Sitting back, lighting the candle to watch a Christmas film, obviously, it only took around half an hour before the scent started filling the room, not overly strong but just enough to make you feel ready for an evening of relaxation. Once blown out I really paid attention to detail on the glass jar which has images of bees swirling around oranges and leaves.  I was happy to know I could place this in my room as an ornament once used – or buy more candles to put inside! If you’re looking for a true Christmassy scent this is perfect.’

8. Lilou Et Loic Moroccan Wood & Fine Leather Room Diffuser RRP £45

Lilou Et Loic Moroccan Wood & Fine Leather Room Diffuser

This full bodied fragrance will add a distinctive scent of Lavendar, Moroccan Wood and Amber. Here’s what John thought:

‘When it comes to scents I personally like something that smells more luxurious and not like sweets or overpowering flowers, so when Lilou et Loic sent us through Moroccan wood & Fine leather Room I was happy to put it to the test. The packaging and diffuser is very well made, once I replaced the stopper cap with the wooden cap and popped all 10 reeds inside (as I wanted maximum effect for a true smell) I could smell tones of Sandalwood & Black Pepper. As you do with most diffusers you need to wait 24 hours for the room to be completely filled with the scent however personally I don’t think it took that long, after a few hours my room was filled with the scent. Overall if you’re look for a signature and distinctive fragrance for your home this would be a great choice.’

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9. Baylis & Harding Winter Spruce & Berries Festive Scented candle Jar with Christmas Tree Lid – £14.37

Baylis and Harding Winter Spruce and Berries Festive Scented candle Jar with Christmas Tree Lid

Simply gorgeous, the Baylis and Harding Winter Spruce candle has a great 38 hour burn time and will leave your room smelling divine. Here’s Holly’s thoughts:

‘O Christmas Tree, O Christmas were the first words our of my mouth as this stunning candle smells of evergreen spruce and pine with a touch of red berries, basically like a real Christmas tree which made me reminisce about past festive memories. With a 38 hour burn time I had this on for 3 days for around 5 hours at a time and it’s not half way down. I can easily say I’ll be popping this into a few stockings this year’

10: Ecoya Spiced Ginger & Musk – £39.00

Made from natural Soy Wax and has a notes of Vanilla, Ginger and Patchouli. Burning time is a huge 80 hours with no more than 3 hours at a time. Here’s what Elaine said:

Ecoya Spiced Ginger & Musk

‘As you would expect with Ecoya the packaging and candle jar are stunning. From the get go you can smell the refreshing notes of Amber and Vanilla with the hint of spicy ginger. Burning time is a whopping 80 hours worth so this does last a while, I’m not even 3/4 way down as you can only burn for no more than 3 hours a day in one go. The candle scent filled my whole room and left me feeling very calm and relaxed.’

11. Stoneglow Winter Gel Bowl sent to us by Millbry Hill£17.49

Stoneglow Winter Gel Bowl sent to us by Millbry Hill

This gel bowl design is so festive you’ll not want to burn the candle! 24 hours burn time and smells of winter flowers. Here’s Katy’s thoughts:

‘The bowl is gorgeous with the Wintry gel design and what’s more I can reuse after finishing the candle. The candle does have a strong smell of Jasmine and what I would describe as Winter flowers. I burned for an hour to get the smell which did fill the room and wasn’t overly strong. Personally I would have this in the bathroom to give that crisp, fresh feeling every time you walk in. Perfect for secret Santa gifts or to treat yourself this Christmas.

12.  Fired Earth Wax Lyrical Black Tea and Jasmine sent to us by Wyevale Garden CentreRRP £19.99

Fired Earth Wax Lyrical Black Tea and Jasmine sent to us by Wyevale Garden Centre

Encased in a sleek black jar, Fired Earth and Wax Lyrical have created this fresh and crisps Black Tea and Jasmine candle. Here’s John’s thoughts:

‘This has a rich oriental scent and fitted perfectly inside my bathroom, perfect for relaxing in the bath after a hard days work. The aroma is strong, which usually I’m not keen on however the scents blended well together especially the cedarwood and geranium. As this burns for 55 hours I haven’t even made a dent in the candle as I’ve only had it on for an hour at a time.’

13.  Janjira Art of Siam Grapefruit & Tangerine Massage Candle£32.00

Janjira Art of Siam Grapefruit & Tangerine Massage

Janjira’s 2 in 1 massage candle helps you unwind and soothes your body and soul. Grapefruit and Tangerine will leave you and your room smelling fresh. Here’s Mandy’s thoughts:

‘Janjira’s massage candle smells lovely especially if you like grapefruit. As this is also a body oil you can put on your skin (simply light the candle until the wax has melted slightly, blow the candle out and place the warm oil into the palm of your hand and rub on your body) this left my skin feeling ultra soft and smooth and I noticed my skin wasn’t as dry. You can use just as a candle and the aromas will leave your room smelling amazing. Overall I would buy this for a friend or auntie!

14.  No: 25 Winter Spice Frosted Cinnamon – Primark Home (Please note we tested Winter Spice)


Primark Winter Spice Frosted Cinnamon jar candle has a warm smell filled with sweet Cinnamon and will burn for 60 hours. Here’s Holly’s thoughts:

‘I couldn’t believe how inexpensive Primark’s Frosted Cinnamon jar candle was at only £5 I crossed all fingers and toes and hoped the large jar, which can burn up to 60 hours would be as good as some of the bigger brands – and it was! The Cinnamon aroma smelled like Christmas in a jar and filled my room wonderfully. The deep red jar (looks slightly like mason cash version) can easily be sealed closed when finished to stop any excess smell. I fell in love with this and if the rest of Primarks collection is the same I’ll be queuing up for more.’

15.  John Lewis Frosted Spruce Inclusion 3 Wick Candle – £30.00

John Lewis Frosted Spruce Inclusion 3 Wick Candle

With a musky winter smell of pine needles, black pepper and citrus, John Lewis’ Frosted Spruce Inclusion 3 Wick Candle is perfect for a cold winter’s evening. Here’s what Katy thought:

‘If you’re looking for a candle to please the masses this is one I would certainly pick. The black pepper and citrus notes were a real treat to the senses and didn’t overpower. I’ve now had this on for around 3 hours a day for four days and haven’t yet been disappointed. Making a wonderful candle to cosy up-to as the nights draw in. This is a large 3 wick candle which will burn for around 60 hours plus with it’s gorgeous frosted design, like me you’ll not want it to ever end. Overall thoughts – smelled lovely, stunning design and burned beautifully for a good amount of time which would see you right through to Christmas.’

16. Home Bargains Winter Berries Dome Candle£2.99

Home Bargains Winter Berries Dome Candle

A beautifully sweet smelling candle, Home Bargains have pulled it our of the bag with this gorgeous Winter Berries dome candle at only £2.99. Here’s Mandy’s thoughts:

‘At £2.99 I felt you only get what you pay for, however Home Bargains have proved me wrong although not as strong as other candles the Winter Berries smells like sweets and leaves a soft aroma filling the room. The jar which is covered in a cranberry and pomegranate design also makes this stand out from the crowd. I’ve only had this candle on twice in my bedroom, for around 2 hours each time, and it did put off a lovely relaxing glow and smell. Walking in and out of the room to see just how strong the scent was I was impressed. Perfect for a night in front of the TV and at £2.99 once finished I could easily buy more.’

17. SKANDINAVISK Skog scented candle£25.00

SKANDINAVISK Skog scented candle

Pine needles, woody and at least a 50 hour burn time, the Skog candle will take you into a magical woodland story you won’t want to come out of. Here’s Holly’s thoughts:

‘I Really do love candles especially Christmas ones and SKANDINAVISK Skog certainly reminded me of old style Christmas trees. With notes of spruce, pine and birch this is not one for those who like subtle notes as it is strong, however if you only burn for the recommended 3 hours a day it really does make your room smell lovely. The hand-painted glass votive is like an ornament all on its own and with the beechwod lid I was able to cover up once finished. Unlike other candles I’ve had, this burned evenly and has so far lasted over 4 days burning at just 2-3 hours a day. A great secret Santa gift for friends this Christmas’

Whether you’re looking to snuggle up in front of the TV, search for a secret Santa present or simply want to reminisce about Christmas past, this collection of candles will do the trick.

What are your favourite scents at Christmas? Share your thoughts below.

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