Our Favourite Kitchen Gadgets To Make Christmas A Little Easier

At Christmas time there is a lot of preparation involved so anything little gadgets that help speed up the process is a must, here we take a look at our favourite gadgets that make Christmas a little less stressful in the kitchen. We were kindly sent these to review.

When we first picked up the Cole and Mason Electronic Cheese Mill we were pleasantly surprised to feel how light it was to hold. We followed the instructions and inserted 6 x aa batteries, which are not included.

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We selected the type of blade we wanted, either grated or shave, we chose the grate option so we held the mill upright and removed the upper part and turned it clockwise, this allowed us to insert our cheese (we chose cheddar choose) Pushing the button/plunger on the top of the mill we waited for it to touch the cheese then pressed the top button to grate our cheese. Instantly we had grated cheese that we could put onto any of our dishes with very little effort or time spent. We did however grate a little to much cheese so it didn’t go to waste we simple removed the cheese chamber and attached the lid which was provided to keep in the fridge.

Overall we thought the Cole and Mason Electronic Cheese Mill was a great way to save a little bit of time in the kitchen and gave us perfectly grated or shaved cheese.

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Cellar Dine Zap Cap Premium Bottle Opener is the ultimate gadget if your looking to open a bottle easily. This is ideal if you have a but of trouble opening bottles as this gadget will work on any crown cap and even twists off. It will work with beer, juices, water and soft drinks, so if your in a hurry or the bottle lid is proving a little bit difficult to come off then the Zap Cap is the answer.

We tried this out and couldn’t believe how easy it was to use. We simply placed the Bottle Opener over the bottle lid, pressed the cap down and the lid came straight off! Plus it had a magnet gold which meant that even after we had opened it the bottle lid didn’t go rolling onto the floor.

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Have you ever wanted to do some of the fancy way the chefs do their vegetables in spirals and ribbons? or want to impress your guests with your presentation skills? Zyliss Spiraliser will let you do that as you simply place your vegetable into the Spiraliser press down and before you know it you have restaurant quality vegetables on your plate.

We used this and found it not only made our vegetables look great but it took lot of time off any cutting etc we had to do in the kitchen. Not only did it look impressive but also made it so simple and quick so those who have a bit of trouble cutting their veg have now got the perfect solution!

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What is your favourite gadget that you use that makes your Christmas easier? Comment below and let us know or share using the social media using the icons below.

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