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Our Great British Bake-mass Final Christmas Song

It’s the final of The Great British Bake Off tonight and whoever wins *cough* Nadia *cough* each contestant has  “proven” they are no soggy bottom when it comes to baking! 

To celebrate, UnderTheChristmasTree has put together a Christmas masterpiece, so get your caroling voices at ready and join in on our ‘Last Bake-Off Christmas song’

Sing to the tune of George Michael’s – Last Christmas:

“Last Bake Off they gave us “piece montee” and the very same day Nancy baked it all the way – this year to save Paul from tears bakers will bake a British cake.

Once proved and twice baked,  Mary keeps her distance but Mel and Sue catch her eye, tell her girls will the cakes rise? well it’s been an half an hour without any surprises. (Merry bakemass)

They’ll wrapped it up and sent it, with a smile to the judges benches, now they’ll know if its fowl or fair or will Paul glower down with his cold icy stare.

(Chorus) – This Bake Off, they’ll be a show-stop, but will Nadia cry and Sue lead Tamal astray? this year to save Mel from tears Ian will construct something special.”

What do you think of our Christmas inspired Great British Bake Off song? and who do you think will be crowned the winner? Let us know in the comments box below.

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