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Our handpicked gifts for Her this Christmas

Looking for great gift ideas for her this Christmas? We’ve got you covered with a roundup of our favourite presents for women. We were kindly sent these to review, take a look below at our suggestions.

Image for Christmas gifts for her
Image credit: TerriC via Pixabay

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Foreo ISSA 2 Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush – £149

The future of toothbrushes has arrived in the form of a silicon electric toothbrush.  Mandy from the team tried this and said: “First I loved the silicon on the whole toothbrush, it gave a really good grip and didn’t feel like it would slip out of my hands. The brush was not too noisy and the brushes were not too hard on my teeth, I also really liked the pulse feature so I could clean the back of my teeth properly which at the end felt clean and my mouth refreshed. The charge was great, it lasted ages and I have to say I will be using the Foreo Issa 2 form now on.”

Foreo ISSA 2 Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush is available to buy online for £149.00 here.

Sun Chlorella Cream – £59.95

Image of Sun Chorella cream
Image credit: Sun Chorella

This moisturiser combines natural ingredients in a purified water base to help hydrate and assist skin renewal. Katy from our team who suffers from occasional redness said “I do get redness on my skin as I have sensitive skin and sometimes get dry skin because of this. I used the Sun Chlorella Cream which firstly I have to say, I loved the way it felt on my skin, it wasn’t greasy or sticky at all. I did notice that the redness on my skin almost went away and my skin did feel very hydrated, perfect for those harsh winter days. I will definitely be using this cream again and again.”

Sun Chlorella Cream can be bought online for £59.95 here.

Lush Secret Garden Gift Set

Lush Gardeners Set

Lush Secret Garden gift set is the perfect present after a busy day outdoors, Katy tried and tested each of the products and said: “Inside the box you’ll find six soothing bath time products, all which smell lovely! The stunning collection includes Rose Jam Shower Gel, Sleep body lotion and my star pick – Scrubee body butter – which smelled so sweet and made my skin feel soft all day long after using. Each of the products are vegetarian friendly and will leave you feeling relaxed and calm at one of the busiest times of the year. The secret garden gift box is also like a gift on its own, with a vibrant design and stunning velvet green bow you wont want to share this, I know I didn’t”.

Lush Garden Secret Gift Set can be bought online for £43.50 and more information can be found here.

Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Gift Pack

Image of Venus gift set
Image credit: Venus

It’s the party season and the last thing we want is to have a razor that doesn’t shave your legs properly. Mandy from our team said: “I absolutely loved the Venus Embrace Sensitive gift pack, there was the razor itself, three refill heads, gel and a pair or extra comfortable, warm cosy socks. The razor and foam were great, the really did shave my legs really well and the gel didn’t have an overpowering scent to it. The razor didn’t leave me with any cuts and didn’t irritate or leave my skin red at all. I really did love the cosy socks too as after a night out I could come home and put these on and they were super comfortable. I will definitely use this razor again and again.”

Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Gift Pack can be bought online and more information can be found here.

Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Gift Pack can be bought online and more information can be found here.

W7 Hall Of Fame Gift Set – £29.95

Image of W7 Hall of Fame gift set
Image credit: W7 Cosmetics

W7 Cosmetics has launched a brand new gift pack which has three of it’s popular eye shadow palettes which have a range of different colours for different looks. Katy from our team said: “I do love to try out lots of fun and new eye looks and this gift set was the perfect way to do that. On The Rocks has a mix of different colours such as yellow, berry, light brown and more and using these were get as they were highly pigmented, in fact all of the three palettes eye shadows were highly pigmented.

Next up I tried the Delicious eye shadow palette which I have to say is my favourite as it has a lot of neutral colours in the palette which I found really good if I was just going for a subtle or casual look. Finally there was the Dusk Till Dawn eye shadow palette which had some purples, browns and even had a few eye shadows with glitter/shimmer in them which I loved because who doesn’t love a bit of glitter at Christmas? Overall I can say I would use all three of these palettes again, between the three it had every colour I needed to try lots of different looks and the eye shadow didn’t crease, stayed don all night and was highly pigmented, really great palettes!”

W7 Hall Of Fame palette costs £29.95 and be bought online here.

Nanshy Masterful Collection Makeup Brush Set – £49.95

Image of Nanshy makeup brushes
Image credit: Nanshy

Create full face makeup look with a help of this amazing high-end makeup brushes. 100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan for guilt-free application. These makeup brushes are great to get your makeup looking flawless for the party season. “We really do love the fact that they are vegan and cruelty free and each of the brushes have a great angle on them to create lots of different looks.”

Nanshy Masterful Collection Makeup Brush Set can be bought online from Amazon for £49.95 here.

This Works Dream To Sleep – £35

Image of Dream to Sleep kit
Image credit: This Works

Get the perfect night sleep with this dream to sleep duo set. Elaine from our team said “After a long day at work or a busy day shopping, getting to sleep can sometimes be difficult as I’m always thinking about what went on throughout the day or the plans for the next day. I tried this luxurious set and i have to say I was really surprised how well this set did. I first put some of the Deep sleep night oil onto my arms and some on my legs which didn’t feel greasy and I did begin to feel relaxed.

The scent was lavender but it was not overpowering and smelled lovely. I also tried the deep sleep pillow spray which I only sprayed a little which again didn’t feel like my pillow was wet and I could smell lavender throughout the whole night and again wasn’t overpowering. Between using both of these I have to say my sleeping pattern was so much better and I am using this again and again, loved it!”

This Works Dream To Sleep Gift Set can be bought for £35 and can be bought online here.

You Know It Makes Sense by Del Boy – £14.99

Image of Del Boy Book

Looking for some sound business advice? Then this is the book for you as the ultimate trader, Del Boy shares his hints, tips and tricks for anybody in the world of business. John said: I’m a huge fan of Only Fools And Horses and who better to get business advice from than Del Boy himself? This book is packed full of funny advice from the ultimate market trader and had me in hysterics and I could literally see some of the advice he is giving in episodes of Only Fools And Horses. A definitely must-read and one I will be reading again and again.”

You Know It Makes Sense Book can be bought online for £14.99 here.

Baylis and Harding La Maison Fig And Cassis Set

Image of Baylis and Harding Cassis gift set
Image credit: Baylis and Harding

Beautiful and elegant, Baylis and Harding La Maison Fig and Cassis set is the ideal gift for her. Katy said: “I really do love Baylis and Harding products, I’ve tried a few and so far I’ve never been let down. The Fig and Cassis Cassis kit had everything I needed to relax after a hard days work with the bath soak crystals and mitt, body cleanser, bath & shower creme and finally the soap. I loved the smell, figs just remind me of Christmas and teamed with the Cassis  smelled like a Christmas pudding! My favourite was the shower creme, my skin felt so soft and hydrated after I had used it, I will definitely buy this set again”

Baylis and Harding La Maison Fig and Cassis set can be bought online here.

HoMedics Dream Aroma Diffuser – £39.99

Image of Homemedics reed diffuser
Image credit Homedics

Add a different scent to your home with the new HoMedics Dream Aroma Diffuser. Elaine from our team said: “The Dream diffuser comes with 2 sample sized essential oils, detailed instructions and three parts: the outer cover, the inner cover and the diffuser base making it simple and easy to set up. As soon as I added in the essential oil I could instantly smell Peppermint throughout the room, although it was not over powering, the diffuser gave out just enough to give the room and minty smell. There was also an orange essential oil which again was not overpowering and the room smelled like a bowl or oranges all day long. I can’t wait to go and try some Christmas essential oils and see what they smell like in the diffuser.

HoMedics Dream Aroma Diffuser can be bought online for £39.99 here.

HoMedics Luxury Nail Care Foot Spa – £39.99

Image of Homedics foot kit
Image credit: Homedics

After a long day at work or a busy day shopping, there’s nothing like giving your feet a bit of TLC and HoMedics Luxury Nail Care Foot Spa is just the thing for tired feet. Elaine said: “I’m on my feet a lot at work, so I was really keen to try this HoMedics Foot Spa to give my tired feet a little rest. I filled up the spa with some warm water and placed my feet in and the four rollers began to help my feet, so I decided to try the bubble feature which was amazing, my feet felt so soft and I had no aches and pains at all, I would use this again and again.”

HoMedics Luxury Nail Care Foot Spa can be bought online for £39.99 here.

Angela Langford Bloom & Glow – £20.50

Image of Angela Langford Bloom & Glow
Image credit: Angela Langford

Christmas is the most indulgent time of year which can often lead to us neglecting our skin during the winter months when it needs a bit of extra TLC. The Angela Langford Bloom & Glow is a 5 star rated, award winning oil which features Chia seed & Sea Buckthorn and is vegetarian & vegan friendly.  Katy tested this out over the course of a month and said: “despite being an oil, this is surprisingly lightweight on the skin and smells incredible. I use this at night time (I find using oil under my makeup makes it fade quickly) and by the morning my skin feels incredible. No more dry patches!”

Angela Langford Bloom & Glow can be bought online for £20.50 here.

Edinburgh Beer Factory’s Paolozzi Gift Pack – £15

Image of Paolozzi beer set

With alcohol based gifts becoming increasingly popular gifts for Christmas, we think the Edinburgh Beer Factory Paolozzi Gift pack is the ideal gift for the lager lover in our lives. We asked John to give his opinion on the set. John said: “Lager is something I like to indulge in from time to time, especially over Christmas, but I often find myself sticking to the same ones which can become boring. This gift set comes with three bottles of Paolozzi lager, a glass, beer mats & a Paolozzi art print. If I received this as a gift I’d be thrilled and I must admit I have plans to order some more Paolozzi Lager for Christmas!”

Edinburgh Beer Factory’s Paolozzi Gift Pack can be bought online from The Edinburgh Beer Factory for £15 here.

I’ll Be There For You Book – £9.99

Image of I'll be there for you book

Friends is one of those programs that never grows old not matter how many re-runs we’ve watched. Katy said: “I absolutely love Friends, I watch it all of the time, the episodes never grow old and there as funny as they were the first time I watched them, so it was great to read this book which was packed full of lots of fun facts about the show and highlights of things such as The Rachel haircut which was the most popular hairstyle to get when Rachael had the haircut. The book also had insight as to how to show aired and how and why the show is still so popular, a book that I will read over and over again, brilliant!”

I’ll Be There For You By Kelsey Miller can be bought online for £9.99 here.

Dower And Hall Gold Feather Earrings

Image of Dower and Hall earrings
Image credit: Dower and Hall

Add a touch of class and elegance to any outfit with these beautiful gold feather earrings. Mandy from our team said: “I love jewellery and these earrings have become my new favourite set to wear. These were not over the top and were small and delicate, they looked subtle and classy, the earrings didn’t hurt my ears at all as sometimes earrings can leave me with slightly sore ears but I felt I could have worn these all day and night and wouldn’t of had any issues and the gold looked great with my winter outfits, these are my ‘go to’ earrings for day and night.”

Dower and Hall Gold Feather Earrings can be bought online for £70 here.

Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar – £60

Beauty advent calendars are becoming more and more popular and Latest in Beauty’s advent is no exception. Holly said “I love beauty advents and I have to say Latest In Beauty’s Advent Calendar is one of my favourites. Packed full of beauty and skincare essentials this calendar has everything I need for the festive season from nail polishes which are full size to moisturing cream. This costs £60 and has products worth £225 in total and I have to say it is one calendar I would buy every year.”

Latest in Beauty advent calendar can be bought online for £60 here.

Foreo UFO Smart Mask With Call it A night and Make My Day Masks – £249

Ever woke up from a night out and had dry, dehydrated skin? The Foreo is here to help with it’s new UFO Smart Mask, which takes traditional sheet masks to a whole new level. Katy said “I loved sheet masks but the Foreo UFO has completely changed the way I use them. This skincare treatment is so easy to use, I simply placed the ‘Make My Day’ masks onto the Foreo UFO and pressed the on button and then gently moved this around my face for the full 90 seconds. My skin felt hydrated, clear but didn’t feel raw or sore after using and I know this is no my go-to whenever I need my skin hydrated and clear.”

Foreo UFO Smart Mask can be bought online for £249.99 here.

Sanctuary Spa Pamper Me Perfect Set – £40

Image of Sanctuary Spa pamper me perfect kti

Sanctuary Spa Pamper Me Perfect is ideal if your looking for the perfect pamper kit. Holly said: “I love trying out Sanctuary Spa products, there some of my favourite products and this gift set didn’t disappoint. In the set is a body wash, body scrub, luxury bath float, body butter, wet skin moisture miracle and heel balm, all of which had a beautiful scent which were not over-powering and left my skin feeling fresh and cleansed. The body wash and the body butter were my two favourite’s from this set as the body wash was very mild in scent so it was not over-powering or irritate my skin and the body butter really made my skin feel hydrated and soft.  I will also say that I do sometimes get dry heels and particularly in winter they can be really dry and cracked but the heel balm took care of all of that, my heels are no longer dry or cracked!

Sanctuary Spa Pamper Me Perfect Set can be bought online for £40 here.

No 1 Eau de Parfum Purple Scent – £20

Image of Purple perfume

Who doesn’t love to get a brand new bottle of perfume at Christmas? Purple Scent’s perfume is one you’ll want to add to your letter to Santa this year.  Holly said “I really like perfumes and trying new scents so I was keen to try No 1 Purple Scent. I liked the design of the bottle, I thought it looked really elegant and classy and when this was sprayed the scent was fresh and I could smell hints of jasmine. I did like the fact that a little when a long way as I didn’t need to spray too much and I wouldn’t run out quickly.”

No 1 Eau de Parfum Purple Scent can be bought online for £20 here.

Olverum Bath Oil – £58

Image of Olverum oil
Image credit: Olverum

Olverum Bath Oil is the ideal addition to your bath to help you relax after a long day. Elaine from our team tried this and said “I do love going for a bath particularly after a long day at the office so I was keen to try Olverum’s Bath Oil. I have to say the smell was so nice when I added it to the water. I felt so relaxed and the best part was the fact the oil didn’t cling to my skin when I got out of the bath. My skin felt nice and soft and I will be using this again and again.”

Olverum Bath Oil can be bought online for £58 and more information can be found here.

Baylis and Harding Five Piece Bauble Set – £12

Image of Baylis and Harding bauble set
Image credit: Baylis and Harding

This beautiful Baylis and Harding bauble set contains 5 baubles each filled with a different skin or hair product. Elaine said “I was instantly fell in love with the baubles design, they were frosted pink, white and looked really wintry. There was a shampoo, body wash, hand & body lotion, conditioner and shower gel, each with a Jojoba scent which was quite subtle and not at all over powering and did feel very light on my skin. My favourite to use was the shampoo which made my hair feel really soft and shiny.”

Baylis and Harding Five Piece Bauble set can be bought online for £12.00 here.

LookFantastic Beauty Advent Calendar – £79

Image of Look Fantastic 2018 advent calendar

LookFantastic’s beauty advent calendar is one of the most popular calendars with 2017’s being one of the fastest to sell out. Mandy said “I loved the look of LookFantastic’s advent, full of festive colours of red and beautiful gold writing on each door. There was 25 drawers which pulled out and had a gift all wrapped up in red tissue paper. Each item was either a skincare or beauty product and I really liked the fact that I could put the item back in it’s drawer so I wouldn’t lose any of the products and that I could keep the advent calendar and refill it throughout the year to countdown to Christmas the following year!”

LookFantastic advent calendar can be bought online for £79.00 here.

Yankee Candle Christmas Collection – £23.99 Each


Imwg of Yankee Candle Christmas
Image credit: Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle is the perfect candle at Christmas time not just to use for yourself but to also give as a gift. Katy said “Yankee Candles are my favourite, I look forward to the new range every Christmas. This year there are four new scents Glittering Star which is sandalwood and plum, Frosty Gingerbread giving notes of vanilla, cinnamon and of course ginger, Ice Blue Spruce which basically smells exactly like a Christmas tree and Winter Wonder which is a warm vanilla with a hint of citrus. My favourite had to be the Frosty Gingerbread but to be honest I would buy any of these four as they all smelled stunning.”

Yankee Candle Christmas Collection can be bought online for £23.99 per candle here.

L’Occitane Calendar Of Dreams – £49

Image of L'occitane advent calendar
Image credit: L’occitane

This 24 door advent calendar takes you though a magical journey to reveal wonderful gifts. Katy said “I loved the design of the advent calendar, it is bright and colourful. Behind each door was a different beauty/skincare product from hand cream to Shea light comforting cream – this calendar has it all. The calendar also costs kits £49 but is worth £85 and I have to say is well worth the money as I would expect to pay double for the products individually, I can’t wait to see what other items are behind each of the doors!”

L’Occitane Calendar Of Dreams can be bought online for £49.00 here.

RapidLash Eyelash Enchancing Serum – £39.99

Image of Rapid Lash Enhanching Serum

RapidLash is an eyelash enhancing serum. Giving this a try, it didn’t feel sticky or have a funny smell to it and applying was easy. Starting at the inner corner of the upper eyelashes we placed some of the serum on and that was basically everything we had to do. After around 25 days or so we did notice that our eyelashes looked longer and definitely have more volume.

RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum can be bought online for £39.99 here.

EcoTools Warm Winter Glow Set

Image of Eco tools set

EcoTools Warm Winter Glow Set is the perfect travel accessory and stocking filler for Christmas. Holly from the team said “I love makeup and makeup brushes so I was keen to try this new set from EcoTools, I loved the packaging as I could clearly see all the brushes included which were Precision Powder, Controlled Setting, Angled Crease, Accent Shadow and Travel Tin. Each brush was done to a high standard and applied my makeup perfectly. I really liked the fact that it also came with a travel tin so I could easily take the set with me if I was going on my travels.”

EcoTools Warm Winter Glow Set can be bought online for at here.

English Beagle Beauty Scents Luxury Gift Box Candle Selection – £30

Image of English Beagle candle set
Image credit: English Beagle

Beauty Scents have packed three beautiful scented candles into a lovely gift box. Elaine from the team said “I love candles and couldn’t wait to try each of these candles. They came in a beautiful wooden box with a gold clasp and I could smell all the candles before I even opened the box. The three scents are vanilla and coffee bean, orange and shredded cinnamon and rose petal and champagne.

Each of had it’s own unique smell, the rose and champagne smelled of summer, vanilla and coffee of sweet and added warmth but my favourite was the orange and cinnamon they just smelled so Christmassy! Each candle burned up to 25 hours which was great as I could light these for a hour or so each day and they would last ages, plus I loved the fact that the box is reusable!”

English Beagle Beauty Scents Luxury Gift Box Candle Selection can be bought online for £30 here.

Box Of Favours – £11.99

Image of box of favours

These beautifully designed box is full of favour cards with a fun contract to sign. John said “I really thought the Box Of Favours was a great fun idea, you simply fill our 5 favours, sign the fun contract and give them as a gift. Then when they give you favour card back you do the favour. I thought this was a great and fun way to give the gifts your friends and family really want or it could be something silly like ‘You have to make me a coffee every day this week or you need to bake cookies for everyone’. I absolutely loved it and will definitely be giving these as a gift!”

Box of Favours can be bought online for £11.99 here.

G&Tea Gin Cocktail Teapot – £30

G&Tea Set

The ideal gift for any gin fan and perfect for cocktail parties. Holly said “I love gin, it’s my favourite drink and I love trying new flavours and combinations and this iridescent tea pot and cups was the perfect way to do so.
It was great for mixing in some pink gin, a splash of prosecco and adding in some lemonade and then left these to infuse together and it made the gin taste tasty. It is also perfect to put in tea and use actual tea leafs and makes the ideal way to serve to friends and family.”

G&Tea Gin Cocktail Teapot can be bought online from RedCandy for £30 here.

Star by Julien Macdonald Purple swirl vase – £28

Absolutely. stunning! Star by Julien Macdonald collection will make your Christmas table stand out with its sparkly swirl design. Katy said: “If you’re looking for that one WOW moment in your home then this is it. The swirls are adorned with glitter throughout and is in a seamless bottle shape with pink hue. Popping in my favourite flowers and placing centre of my table the vase stood out and gave glamour to my home. Overall if you’re searching for something delicate yet stylish this woudl make the perfect gift.

Star by Julien Macdonald Purple swirl vase will cost £28 and is available here.

L’Occitane Almond Star Gift Set – £35


Image of L'Occitane Almond gift set
Image credit: L’occitane

Looking to relax after a long day? Get this gift set from L’Occitane which has everything you need after a busy day. Elaine from the team said: “First I really liked all of the packaging, the box, bottles, everything and I already have tried a few of L’Occitane’s products so I was excited to try the Almond Star gift set. The Almond shower gel smelled so nice, left my skin feeling really soft and turned really soapy as soon as the water mixed with it, the soap again was lovely and exfoliated my skin as I used it.

Next up I tried the Almond Body Skin Smoothing Milk Lotion which was my favourite of all the products as it left my skin feeling hydrated and felt firmer after using it for only a week! Lastly I used the Delicious Hand Cream which left my hands feeling soft and smelled of a lovely almond scent, I really like this as I do like to spend time in the garden so my hands can get dry quickly and this is my go-to hand cream to help them!”

L’Occitane Almond Star Gift can be bought online for £35 here.

We can’t wait to go and buy more of all of these!

Please note we were sent these products to review but all thoughts are our own.

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