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Our pick of the best Wines for Christmas 2018

Wine is a drink that many of us will find on our tables this Christmas, but choosing a ‘nice’ wine that everyone will like is difficult, which is why we thought we’d share our pick of the best Wines for Christmas 2018. We were kindly sent these to review.

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Salicórnia Dáo Reserva 2015 – 13% – Available at Aldi

Salicornia Dao Doc Reserva

This deep bright ruby red wine has spent 9 months in an oak barrel and boasts notes of Raspberry, Cassis, Chocolate & mocha. This moreish wine will keep the red wine lover in your life very happy this Christmas 2018.

Red wine lover, Katy, said: “This is a deep red wine that will be the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas dinner. It’s quite indulgent at 13% – perfect for Christmas!” This is Available at Aldi.

Yallaroo Australian Rosé Wine – 11.5% – Available At Aldi

Yallaroo Australian Wine

If you’re unsure of if your guests prefer a red or white wine, then rosé might be the answer. This Yallaroo Australian Rosé is made from a blended grape and has a crisp dry taste.

Rosé wine fan, Holly, said: “I’m not really into white or red wine but rosé is right up my street. This is crisp yet fruity, so it’s definitely the kind of wine I’ll look forward to drinking as I’m tucking into some Christmas Pudding!” This is Available at Aldi.

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc – 13% – Available At Aldi

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon blanc is a ‘go to’ wine that many of us opt for when shopping for wine. It’s a staple wine that rarely goes wrong and this Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc from Aldi is the perfect option for casual wine drinkers.

John said: “This is a zesty white wine which packs a festive punch at 13%. If you’re like me and don’t know your Merlot’s from your Chardonnays, then this is an easy, pleasant wine to accompany your Christmas dinner!”. This is Available from Aldi.

Grand Plessis Médic 2016 Grande Réserve – 13% – Available at M&S

This is a deep red Grand Plessis Médoc wine from France’s Bordeaux region. This is a medium bodied Claret wine that tastes of red & black fruits with a spicy twist. Ideally enjoyed with a roast or a casserole, this is definitely indulgence in a bottle.

Katy said: “Red wine is the perfect addition to any home cooked meal and what better time to enjoy than at Christmas? this is medium bodied and tastes fruity yet spicy. It’s also suitable for vegetarians which suits me to a T!” This is Available from M&S.

Tempranillo by Campo Viejo – 13.5% – Available at Tesco


This cherry red Rioja tastes of ripe cherries and strawberries followed by sweet vanilla and spice. This is the perfect wine to accompany any meal as this not only suits meats but is also ideally consumed with cheese or vegetables.

Mandy said: “This is a rich red wine that goes down a little too smoothly! By the time Christmas dinner is done, it’s likely a bottle of this will be too!” Available from Tesco.

Corney & Barrow Claret Maison Sichel 2012 – 13% – Available from Corney & Barrow

This is described as a ‘Merlot dominated blend. This is a very This is a very typical claret lover’s claret, a well-rounded blend of red and black fruits with classical backbone’. This is a dry red wine that is suitable for vegetarians.

Elaine said: “This is dry so is perfectly paired with something sweet. Any excuse for some extra mince pies & christmas pudding!! This is a deep claret that smells exactly like the festive season.” Available from Corney & Barrow.

Corney & Barrow White Burgundy Maison Auvigue 2017 – 13% – Available from Corney & Barrow

This white wine is produced in Burgundy in France’s Maconnais. Suitable for vegans, this is a dry chardonnay that is perfectly consumed with white meats and of course vegan food. Despite being dry,this is actually quite creamy and will keep the casual wine drinker at your table happy this Christmas.

John said: “This is a go to chardonnay that won’t go wrong. It has a crisp yet creamy taste and is every inch the perfect addition to our table this Christmas 2018!”. Available from Corney & Barrow.

Gran Campo Viejo Cava Brut Reserva – 11.5% – Available At Tesco

Campo Viejo

This is a crisp white wine that has a fruity taste. Cava always feels a little bit more indulgent thanks to it’s bubbles and fizz. It’s not quite got the same pop as champagne but is definitely enough to cause a stir on Christmas day.

Mandy said: “I’m not a huge champagne fan, I always find it gives me a headache, but Cava is more like a fizzy wine and makes me feel as though I’m drinking something more indulgent. This one is crisp and fruity – perfect for having with my Nut roast this Christmas!” Available from Morrisons.

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