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Part 3: Celebrity Wedding Planner Liz Taylor Shares Key Advice On Planning A Winter/Christmas Wedding

In part one, wedding planner to celebrities, Liz Taylor, shared her advice on picking the right venue for a Winter/Christmas wedding and in part 2, Liz gave us key advice on dressing the table, choosing your cake and festive food and drink ideas for your dream day.

On this the third, and final part of our winter/Christmas wedding feature, celebrity wedding planner Liz, gives us her tips on the evening ceremony and alternative wedding locations.

Think about holding a beautiful evening ceremony – changes in the Law a few years ago in England allow for ceremonies to be held at any time of day now, which means they can take place later on with beautiful candles, hurricane lamps and fairy lights lighting the way. Adding to the romance, hot port can be served with mini Christmas pudding ’canapes’ to round off the ceremony in style.

Make sure that any key guests who are traveling a long way plan to arrive a couple of days ahead – bad weather is a factor in the UK and so you need to plan for possible travel delays. It’s worth having contingency plans in place should travel disruption occur.

All pathways should be free of ice and safe to walk on and patio heaters will be welcomed by those who need to go outside for whatever reason – smokers know what I mean!

If it is a marquee wedding –make sure it is heated, has side panels properly installed and has good quality flooring. Bad weather can cause leaks and make cheap flooring look like a swimming pool.

Head for the winter sun! Many couples love the opportunity to get married in a warmer climate and perhaps have a Christmas or New Year party to celebrate when they return to the UK. That way your friends and family are still involved in the big day, and you get the best of both worlds!

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