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Will you have The UK’s perfect Christmas Day?

From opening your presents as soon as you wake up to scoffing the Christmas dinner, Matalan surveys 2,002 UK adults on what makes the perfect Christmas day and it’s a real eye-opener.

Christmas tree with decorations

There’s always so much to look forward to at Christmas all the delicious food, unwrapping presents, getting dressed-up and even having the traditional evening snooze which is why UK retailer Matalan asked over two thousand adults in the UK what they loved most and the results are a real eye-opener.

For many of us the most important part of Christmas dinner is, without a doubt, the trimmings, actually, 39% said it was the thing they most looked forward to- but what do we choose to make the perfect Christmas dinner?

According to the people that Matalan spoke to, 66% of the people plan to have just one meat for their festive dinner while 21% of us will tuck into a variety of options.

Matalan Christmas Meats Survey
Image credit: Matalan

There’s nothing nicer than adding extra trimmings to the Christmas dinner but do you know what the UK’s top 10 trimmings are? See the results below.

  • 65% Roast Potatoes
  • 56% Gravy
  • 51% Stuffing
  • 49% Pigs in blankets
  • 43% Brussel Sprouts
  • 43% Yorkshire Puddings
  • 41% Roast Parsnips
  • 31% Roast Carrots
  • 31% Peas
  • 29% Broccoli

Surprisingly according to the survey only 22% liked to get fully dressed up for the big day with 12% staying in their PJ’s the whole day.

Matalan Christmas survey
Image credit: Matalan

Watching Christmas adverts and Carol Singing was both bottom on the list on what they liked to look forward to at Christmas and believe it or not, the research also noted that most of the adults asked would open presents between 10am-11am – WHAT?! we can’t wait that long!

Christmas day can be both hectic as well as fun and we just can’t wait for the arrival of family and friends. Have a holly, jolly, merry Christmas!