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Personalise Your Own Jigsaw For Christmas

Christmas gifts are notoriously hard to buy. We always try to think of something we know our loved ones won’t have and more often that not, we end up frustrated and trying to find something at the last minute. Now, we’ve found something that is personal and will suit even the fussiest of tastes…We were kindly sent this to review.

The Cassini Historical Map is not emblazoned with your name to personalise, it is catered to you by area and/or dates. For example, if you would like to create a jigsaw of greater Manchester (or a more specific postcode such as “M1 4WB” then a 400 piece jigsaw will be created of your local area showing everything from street names to house names and even local shops.

We have our very own Cassini Personalised Historical Map Jigsaw catered to our postcode in Dumfries & Galloway and found it really interesting to see local buildings and streets included in the jigsaw.  Inside the box you will receive the four hundred jigsaw pieces and a map of your area (which will help you place the pieces correctly!)  it took the office a few days connecting the jigsaw however once done the map really did feel personal to us.

This is definitely a unique and personal gift and would be fantastic for Christmas. Head on over to Cassini to get your very own personalised historical map jigsaw.  Prices start from £29.99.

Tip:  Find out where your nearest and dearest grew up and personalize to their area for a great nostalgic Christmas gift.

What area would you like your jigsaw from?  Share with us and others below.

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