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Poundland to take on BIG toy brands this Christmas

Poundland has announced a range of new kids’ toys set to take on the high-priced, sought-after brands. Could we see these being the top toys this Christmas?…

Let the battle commence!

Image of Poundland toy range
Image credit: Poundland

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The new ranges includes own brand building blocks, foam dart guns and die-cast cars and can cost upto 95% less than big toy brands.

Image of Poundland's dart range
Image credit: Poundland

The new Cyber Combat range of foam darts are six times cheaper than the branded alternative. Costing just £1 for a 2- refill pack compared to the branded 30-refill pack at £5.99, this new range is sure to save a few pounds at Christmas.

Brix Play, the new block building set will cost just £1, compared to it’s branded rival which can cost £9 or more.

Image of Poundland Urban Blazers range
Image credit: Poundland

Another alternative is Poundland’s Urban Blazers range of die-cast cars with the toys being specially made to fit all types of model tracks.

Image of Poundland Sparkle Squad range
Image credit: Poundland

The Sparkle Squad Ponies which cost £1, could end up costing 95 per cent less than the branded equivalent at £20.99.

Poundland’s Chief Toy Buyer, Richard Brewin, said “Toy companies have a real nerf when it comes to high prices and we’re putting an end to it. Parents should be able to treat their kids without breaking the bank. We’re delivering hot prices for the hottest toys in the market.”

This is a sure way to save money at Christmas while still delivering top toys.

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