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Primark’s Dumbo collections makes our Christmas wishes come true

Primark launches it’s new Disney Dumbo collection and we’re flying high as it releases a Snow Globe making our Christmas wishes all come true!

The new collection will certainly lift you up.

Image of Primark's Dumbo collection
Image credit: Primark

If you didn’t think Primark’s Disney collection could get even bigger or better well BOOM it has as the store announces its Dumbo collection.

The magical collection will include everything from throws, slippers and hands down our favourite – Snow Globe, our Christmas wishes have just came early.

Dumbo Disney snow globe collection
Image credit: Primark

With the new Dumbo movie set to hit cinemas later this month it’s likely these products will sell out very quickly.

Fingers crossed for Dumbo Christmas baubles like last years Disney Mickey & Minnie versions.

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