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Q&A with Jonathan Hughes from Festive.co.uk on key trends and more

Christmas is the ideal time of year to get creative and try new themes and ideas. We ask Jonathan Hughes at Festive.co.uk to let us know colours, trends and much more we can expect to see this Christmas.

What colours are representing Christmas in 2021?

Seasonal Splendour at Festive.co.uk
Image credit: Festive.co.uk

“We have 5 main colour themes for Christmas 2021:     

* A Winters Tale    

* Seasonal Splendour    

* The Night Before    

* Northern Lights    

* Woodland Wonder

In the main we have focused on a very traditional colour palette for 2021 as most consumers prefer the familiar in times of adversity but A Winters Tale features a very regal duck egg blue colour and Woodland Wonder is a very contemporary woodland collection featuring contemporary copper offset with white.”

What is going to be the biggest trends in the UK for the festive period?

Iridescent Tinsel Festive.co.uk
Image credit: Festive.co.uk

” The current big trends for Christmas 2021 are:     

* Red & white candy stripe decorations    

* Firefly flickering flame lights – These traditional warm white lights have only one function which is a flickering flame effect and look stunning on a tree or outdoors.    

* Traditional snowing icicle lights with a proper snowing function   

 * Swedish Santas or Gonks are the more commonly known in the UK – these have become hugely popular since Festive introduced them into the UK a few years ago. Festive now have light up versions too!    

* Iridescent tinsel – we have manufactured in the UK for over 30 years and tinsel is more popular than ever especially our striking Iridescent range.    

* Natural wreaths – we sell a huge variety of these in various designs and sizes, an ever popular item from Festive.    

* Christmas Eve Boxes – We have seen these grow from home-made a few years ago to ready made designs in all shapes, sizes and materials. Christmas Eve is becoming as much of an event as Christmas day.”

We all love the odd novelty bauble but what have you seen has been most popular for 2021?

Santa Cam Bauble Festive.co.uk
Image credit: Festive.co.uk

“Santa Cam bauble – We have introduced a shatterproof ‘Santa Cam’ bauble with a lens attached which looks like Santa is checking whether everyone is being naughty or nice, would you dare hang it on your tree?”

What has been rising in popularity from last year in terms of decorations?

Festive.co.uk Decorations
Image credit: Festive.co.uk

“Wooden Nutcrackers -These have increased hugely in popularity over the last few years and are a must have item in both large and giant sizes Gonks – The UK can’t seem to get enough of these crazy characters and many now sell all year round for seasons like Easter and Halloween. Both Nutcrackers and Gonks have been made even more popular after being featured by influencers and celebrities on Instagram.”

What about accessorizing, what has been in demand?

Festive.co.uk Artificial Flowers
Image credit: Festive.co.uk

“Artificial flowers are hugely popular and fill up large spaces on a Christmas tree and are visually stunning, we sell these in all the traditional and trend colours and have seen sales quadruple over the last 3 years.”

Christmas is getting bigger and better every year, what new and innovative products can we expect to see?

“Colour changing and app controlled lights are the biggest innovation in Christmas recently, consumers can customise their light colours and functions to create a personalised display indoors and outdoors.”

With more of us trying our best to help the planet and go plastic-free, have you noticed an increase in brands buying more environmentally friendly decorations?

“Festive has been reviewing all the packaging in its supply chain to make reductions where and when it can as customers are quite rightly challenging us on this.

We have investigated bio-degradable glitter options for our decorations but the price is prohibitive to bring to market right now but we are continuing to work on ways to improve our environmental impact.”

Thanks to Jonathan Hughes from Festive.co.uk for answering these festive questions. Looking to get your garden ready for Christmas? Take a look at what you should be doing now in time for Christmas and what you should be growing each month.