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Quick and Easy ways to get your greens in after Christmas

Now we’re already half way though January – It’s gone by so quick! this is when New Years resolutions can slip. Here Nutritionist Cassandra Barnes shares how you can easily add more greens into your diet after all the heavy Christmas indulgence.

Tis is the season for more veggies!

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We all know they’re good for us but with holiday indulgence it can sometimes be hard to fit them in! We’ve come up with 5 quick and easy ways for you to add more greens to your day for both the festive season and for keeping your January goals on track:

Celery juice is a great way to add a wealth of nutrients into your day; it’s light, refreshing, and healing. What’s more, it is claimed to aid in digestion, be anti-inflammatory, cure chronic pain and clear up skin conditions – It also gives you energy without adding too many calories into your diet.

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Soups are a great vehicle for leafy greens, just stir a big handful of spinach into a soup or stew during the last three to five minutes of cooking.

Tip: Try itsu’s new winter wonton & greens soup with two veg gyoza dumplings, brown rice, season greens, kambu seaweed in a tasty miso soup (RRP: £3.99 and only 298 calories)

Cabbage counts as a leafy green! Get your daily dose in the form of kimchi, an often-spicy fermented Korean condiment commonly made of napa cabbage.

Tip: Scoop some into a wrap or on top of stir-fried vegetables. Sauerkraut and coleslaw are two more great ways to enjoy this nutritious crucifer.

Sea vegetables have gone from a near obscurity to a popular health trend in a matter of recent months as seaweed snacks can be found at nearly every local supermarket.

Tip: Try the new SHØRE Seaweed Puffs [1]; As moreish as crisps, but at less than 100 calories per 22.5 g bag and packed with nutrients, antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals! (RRP: £1.19, Ocado)

Swap out heavy pasta for nutrient boosting courgette spaghetti. Continue to enjoy your favourite pasta meals guilt free, without the heavy and glutenous carbohydrates of pasta.

Tip: Don’t pre-salt your zucchini noodles – just spiralize and go.

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