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Christmas Gift Review 2023: Rectella’s Trolley Grill & Bake Barbecue

Having a few family and friends over or just looking to have a Barbecue? Then look no further than Rectella’s Trolley Grill & Bake Barbecue. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what Mandy thought.

Rectella's Trolley Grill & Bake Barbecue
Image credit: Bar-Be-Quick

Mandy said: “I do love to have a Barbeque, it gets everyone together and I was really excited to give Rectella’s Trolley Grill & Bake Barbecue a try. Assembly was pretty straight forward and the instructions were clear and easy to follow, and there was even a video on Bar-Be-Quick’s website to help if there was anything I was unsure of.

I put the Trolley Grill & Bake together and my barbecue was ready to use. I really liked the design of the trolley and it was a decent size and looked very sleek and modern. It has a grill to cook your food at the top and underneath there is the oven part which gets very hot to keep any food that has been cooked nice and hot for when anyone wanted it.

Lighting the barbeque was quick as I simply put charcoal into the tray and lit it, gave it around 20 minutes to start burning, and then it was ready to put food onto. I cooked sausages and skewers and I had pre-cooked baked potatoes which I then finished off on the barbeque. The food was delicious, it had a really nice taste to it and all of the food was nice and hot and as I mentioned, I put any food that was cooked into the oven section of the Trolley and Bake section and it kept everything nice and toasty warm.

Overall I was impressed with how easy it was to assemble, and how much the grill could cook as it did have quite a bit of space and really liked the oven part as this kept all of the food nice and warm until people were ready to eat it – the ideal way to have a barbecue!”

The Rectella Barbecue and Grill Barbecue is available to buy online for around £129.99 and would be perfect for any outdoor party.