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Christmas Gift Review 2020: Revamp Progloss Deepform Brush

Transform your hair with Revamp Progloss Deepform Brush which can heat up to 210ºC. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what Holly from our team thought.

Image Of Revamp Progloss Deepform Brush
Image credit: Revamp

Holly said: “I love trying out new beauty and hair products so when the Progloss Deepform Brush arrived in the office I knew I wanted to review it.

Revamp Progloss Deepform Brush

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I removed the Progloss Deepform Brush from its box and I have to say I was very impressed with the design. It looked just like a large hairbrush, had thick bristles and even had the heat control on the handle. I also liked that this was matte so I didn’t feel like it was about to slip out of my hands at any point.

Revamp Progloss Deepform Brush Heat

As I mentioned the temperature control was on the handle of the brush, I could choose from 130ºC, 150ºC, 170ºC, 190ºC and 210ºC which I liked as sometimes I don’t always need the highest heat setting so it minimised any damage done to my hair. I turned on the Deepform Brush and set the heat I wanted and the brush began to heat up, the LED light went static when it was at the temperature I wanted.

Revamp Progloss Deepform Brush Bristles

I ran the brush through my hair in a single movement and I could not believe the results, my hair looked very straight, there were no strands of my hair that weren’t straight and my hair looked very sleek. Once I had finished using the Revamp Brush, I switched it off, unplugged it and placed on a heat resistant mat and allowed to completely cool before I put these back in the box they came in.

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Image of using Revamp brush

Overall I was impressed with the design and matte grip this had and the results this heated brush had were amazing, this will be my go-to hair product to get perfectly straight hair every time.”

Find out more information about the Revamp Progloss Deepform Brush here.

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