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Christmas Gift Review 2021: Richard Osman’s House of Games

The ultimate family party game for after Christmas dinner, Richard Osman’s House of Games is fun and will certainly test your knowledge. Here we review the board game.

Elaine from our team put Richard Osman’s House of Games Game to the test:

Richard Osman’s House of Games Board Game

“Like most of us I’ve of course tuned into the BBC2 TV show version of this, however, if you’re not familiar, basically celebrities pair up/go against each other to answer or solve word-based tasks for points over a week, whoever at the ends wins.

The board game is basically the same however, you won’t be playing all week and the themed prize, well, it’s a Richard Osman-themed cardboard trophy – think of this as you will.

The game suggests that you can play with 3+ players, however, if you’re looking for a more interactive game, I would say a team 6 is perfect.

Richard Osman Trophy

There are seven rounds in total to play, four of which are random and slide into the cardholder and each one is question and word-based. You’ll need a piece of paper to create a scoreboard, someone to host (don’t worry this changes throughout the game) and get ready to shuffle the six pack of gaming cards and place the first 4 from the pile into the game selector sleeve. Place the buzzer in the middle and the seven Game Decks around the buzzer – It’s time to begin.

Richard Osman House of Games Contents

Playing is actually pretty fun, it certainly does keep your brain active, and the winner is the person at the end with the most points, however, Answer Smash is pretty difficult and can lead to some very funny (and awful) answers!

As mentioned there’s plenty of games to choose from:

You Complete Me (Team Game) – Pretty entertaining, basically, you and your teammate need to guess the full word to win points, however, you can’t confer with your partner on the words.

Totes Emoji (Team Game) – Have your smart device handy as one team member will be the drawer and the other the guesses. You have to correctly answer the title only using emojis to help.

You Spell Terrible (Team Game) – One which I WON! everyone can join in this game, simply pick up a trivia card answer right, you get a point but it’s not over, you must then spell the answer correctly to win another point.

Rhyme Time – The answer to the two trivia questions must rhyme, players must answer the whole rhyme for points – it’s a tricky one!

Correction Centre – The host takes the top card from the deck, reads the statement in which one of the words from this statement is wrong, players must buzz in to replace the incorrect word – John was good on this one.

House of Games Special – The host takes a card from the House of Games Special Deck reads aloud the game, followed by the questions – a few fun options in the deck.

Answer Smash – Don’t worry nobody fairs well in this one! Everyone can play this, pick up an Answer Smash card that contains both a picture and trivia questions – here’s the tricky part – the answer has to be a combination of both parts.

Richard Osman House of Games Cards

Overall, I did like the House of Games and think it would make for a great night-time party after a couple of mulled wines (drink responsibly!) and if you are searching for a brain challenger for friends and family this would make an excellent Christmas Gift

You can purchase Richard Osman’s House of Games Board Game for £20 at John Lewis & Partners.