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Christmas Gift Review 2020: Roblox Jailbreak Museum Heist: Covert Ops Edition

Get ready to rob the museum or stop the burglars before they steal priceless artefacts with Roblox Jailbreak Museum Heist – Covert Ops Edition. We were kindly sent this to review, Holly from our team was happy to do so.

Image of Roblox jailbreak heist
Image credit: Jawares

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Image of Roblox jailbreak heist

Holly said: “When I first saw the Roblox Jailbreak: Museum Heist I couldn’t believe just how many pieces there were to this set. This does require batteries and on a plus point, there are already demo batteries included which is a great way to test out the set. So to set this up I took out all of the pieces to assemble the museum, these just slotted into each other and I could have them angled any way I liked.

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Image of Roblox jailbreak heist figures

I then began taking out all of the included accessories to make the ultimate robbery and police setup. There was everything from actual robbers and police officers to money, museum artefacts including a Pharaoh which even lights up. One of the other items included was a get-away helicopter that even had tightrope for a quick escape which the robbers could hold onto and it was easy to adjust.

Image of Roblox jailbreak heist Pharoah

Overall I thought the idea of the playset was great and I could see why kids would love it. I also think it is a great way to encourage role play as this will encourage those playing to use their imaginations and if they want to include their friends, is a fun way to encourage them to do so.”

Image of Roblox jailbreak heist helicoper and robber

Roblox Jailbreak Museum Heist – Covert Ops Edition is suitable for ages 6 years and up and more information can be found at Jazwares.