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Sainsburys “Food is Home. Home is Christmas.” has been released.

Sainsburys Christmas adverts for 2020 are now out and there are three different ads all celebrating Home Is Christmas. Watch these below:

Gravy Song – Part 1:

This advert follows a dad and his daughter having a phone call stating how much she can’t wait to get to be with her family this Christmas. Her dad then proceeds to get her to say how much she enjoys his gravy which she eventually does, much to the delight of her father. The message is: Food is home. Home is Christmas.

Perfect Portions – Part 2:

The second part in the Sainbury’s Christmas adverts follows a family who have all gathered for Christmas and when at the Christmas table, getting the turkey craved up so that everyone gets the perfect portion. The advert again follows Food is Home. Home is Christmas.

As soon as the third and final part of the advert has aired we will update this page.

Image of hot chocolate

Last year Sainsbury’s aired the new advert on November 11th and was named ‘Nicholas the Sweep. This followed the story of Sainsbury’s 150 years ago when their first store opened. A young boy was wrongly accused of stealing an orange and was banished away until Mary Ann Sainbury – who had seen exactly what happened rescues him and gives him a full bag of clementines. Nick tells Mary Ann that he can’t pay for the kind gift, but Mary Ann smiles and says: ‘If you can’t do something special for someone at Christmas, then when can you?’

Nick then carries out an act of kindness by secretly delivering one to each his chimney sweep friends. He is then seen walking away in a red coat and hat.