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Christmas Gift Review 2020: Sassimals Ali Alpaca

Sassimals ‘Ali the Alpaca’ is set to top the wanted lists for Santa Claus this 2020 and we were lucky enough to get our hands on one to review. We were very kindly gifted this item and wanted to share our thoughts.

Sassimals Ali Alpaca
Image credit: Golden Bear UK

There are currently two Sassimals to choose from – Flossi The Flamingo and Ali The Alpaca. Both look hilarious with their brightly coloured hair and goofy features. We wanted to take a closer look at Ali the Alpaca and all it has to offer.

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Suitable for ages 4+, Ali the Alpaca talks back, dances and wiggles much to the amusement of children (and everyone here at UTCT HQ).

Ali is a brightly coloured alpaca with brightly coloured rainbow hair. Ali will talk back to you at the press of a button in a silly voice. Standing at roughly 32cm tall, Ali will dance and bop along to one of three songs at the press of a button.

So what did Mandy from the team think of Sassimals? Let’s find out!

“The minute Ali arrived everyone in the office was fighting over it and pressing the buttons on its feet to watch as Ali dances or to hear their voices being played back in a funny voice. You’d be surprised by just how much entertainment a child’s toy can provide the ‘adults’ here at UTCT!

Ali has bright, rainbow-coloured fluffy hair and a goofy expression making Ali hilarious before we’ve even pressed a button! The product does require 2xAAA batteries but thankfully, Santa needn’t worry as these as already provided with the toy.

Suitable for ages 4+, Ali has two buttons – one on each foot. One sees Ali dancing along to the three pre-loaded songs and the other, once pressed, will repeat what you say to Ali in a funny voice.

I had plenty of fun ‘testing’ this out and often found myself dancing along with Ali in the same goofy way that it does. The playback of your voice is instant and will have everyone in the house roaring at laughter at the voice changing Alpaca.

I really enjoyed ‘testing’ this out and can definitely see why Ali the Alpaca is set to be such a big hit this Christmas 2020.”

For more information and to buy Allie the Alpaca, visit Amazon UK or Golden Bear Toys.