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Christmas Gift Review 2020: Small Whisky Tasting Game by Gourmet Games

Hosting a dinner party?  Why not make it a little different as you enjoy a delightful evening in the company of peat and heather; your favourite, fun, small whisky tasting game by Gourmet Games, here we “review” and put it to the test.

Gourmet Games -Small Whisky Tasting Game - glass and chocolate
Image credit: Gourmet Games

Gourmet Games kindly gifted us an advent calendar in exchange for this review, all opinions are our own and we may earn commission through some of the links in this page. Here’s what John from our team thought below.

“There are two things I love at Christmas, presents and a fun drinking game, which is why I really enjoyed taking part in the Gourmet Games Whisky game. Myself, wife and daughter (over 18 of course!) all got round the dinner table, grabbed a pencil and started the fun.

Gourmet Games -Small Whisky Tasting Game - Unboxed

Inside the box, you’re presented with everything you need to get started, a Whisky distillery and quiz answers, host’s booklet two player’s booklets, a square of chocolate and even a few fun recipes to try. Mandy was the host, myself and Elaine were the players – yes!

Just before we got started, I have to admit I had a quick smell of each of the whisky’s (Honestly I didn’t cheat!) but they did smell rather good and strong.  We organised ourselves with balloon glasses, pencil and water, which is to be used to clean your palates after each round.

Gourmet Games -Small Whisky Tasting Game

The aim of the game is to fill in all 10 questions correctly, so I smelled the first whisky, which to me was had spicy notes, medium in colour and tasted very fresh, I guessed Orkney for the region and took a guess at the Highland Park distillery because of its colour and tasting notes, and I was 100% correct. Throughout the game, Elaine guessed the third right however I was the overall winner – I do know my drams!

The whisky quiz was fun too and I learnt a little more about whisky including Johnnie Walker is the most associated whisky with Formula 1. Overall I thought this was the perfect game to play at the end of a big meal and would make an excellent gift for any Whisky buff’s out there.”

Gourmet Games -Small Whisky Tasting Game boxed

The Small Whisky Tasting Game costs £35 and you can buy here from Gourmet Games.