Sneak Peek Into 2017 Christmas Decoration Trends For The Home

Are you eager to know this year’s top Christmas decorations trends? Then look no further as we ask some of the UK biggest stores what they’ll be promoting this festive season.

Christmas Home trends 2017

As the days become shorter and the nights get darker, thoughts of sleigh bells ringing and carolers singing come to mind, however one of the most important questions we ask ourself is – How will I decorate my home this year?.

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We know what makes Christmas is the décor so we asked a few of the UK’s biggest stores what trends they have coming out.

Sainsbury’s, who have covered all areas, shared with us five trends for 2017: Renaissance Boutique – Glamorous and elegant. Fireside – Traditional and cosy with red and greens. Snowdrift – Contemporary with pale colours such as grey and muted blues. North Pole – Scandi style aimed at Children with lots of pattern and last but not least Festivity – A modern twist on contemporary reds and greens.

Sainsury's Festivity Collection 2017

Unlike the grocery giant, outdoor living store, White Stores have put together two trends to make it a little easier with decorating decisions. Megan Paynter of White Stores, said: “Christmas, the best, most magical time of the year. But for many getting the right decorations can be a hard choice. Here, at White Stores we have looked into the trends and styles for this year’s festivities to help make your decisions a little easier. The key themes for this year will be “White Christmas” and “Indulgent Christmas”, two very contrasting themes.

White Stores - I'm Dreamining of a White Christmas Trend 2017

Dreaming of a White Christmas, Megan says “The White Christmas theme will centre around a snowy white colour and many stylish white artificial trees will be available. You can decorate your tree with some stunning glass ornament icicles and snowy white baubles, and don’t forget the glistening white fairy lights. Moving on from the tree, snowman ornaments, white faux fur and white gift wrap will complete your winter wonderland look!”

As for Indulgent Christmas, Megan tells us: “Christmas is all about indulging yourself, with gifts and food so why not indulge yourself with this brightly coloured theme. This trend is perfect for bold and bright Christmas decorations, neon colours and retro tinsel will star in this theme alongside glitter coated baubles and tree ornaments. Vibrant turquoise and lilac will add an indulgent twist to the classic festive combination of crimson and green. Oranges and neon pinks as well as lime greens will also be a fun and funky way to indulge yourself in Christmas fun”.

White Stores Indulgent Christmas Trend 2017

Moving onto Waitrose where it’s all about twists on classics this year with one of its key trends being Modern Metallics, Sophie Anderson non-food product developer said; “This year we have a number of trends that can be seen across all 2017 festive non food ranges at Waitrose, from horticulture to wrapping paper, crackers to Christmas crockery. Modern Metallics is our first key theme, which incorporates a mixed metallic palette and tones of gold with dipped, brushed, pearlised and foiled finishes to create simple, modern and indulgent products. Fun Brights is our second theme for those wanting a playful feel for the festivities. The gifts and decorations in this theme are bold in colour, with fluorescent accents. They have a paper craft feel and use 3D shapes and faceted designs – perfect for kids.

Waitrose Christmas trends 2017: Modern Metallics

Sophies goes on to say: “The last theme for this year’s Christmas collection is Cool Crafted. Artisanal, natural and inspired by the outdoors and foraging, this theme uses colours that are snowy white and bleached, with highlights of berries and forest greens. Inspiration has been taken from a traditional Nordic palette with a metallic, modern edge.”

Waitrose Christmas Trends 2017: Cool Crafted

When it comes to dining this December, Royal Crown Derby say that the more metallic the better. Steve Rowley, Sales & Marketing Director at Royal Crown Derby, said: “Tableware featuring opulent designs edged in precious metals are constantly in demand throughout the festive season.

“Royal Crown Derby’s Gold and Platinum Aves collections feature a full cover of an intricate pattern with hand-applied 22-carat gold and platinum, while our Darley Abbey Pure collection includes an elegant textured white on white design with understated precious metal, perfect for mixing and matching when setting the festive table.

“Satori Black’s contemporary design and 22-carat gold also makes for a bold seasonal tablescape. Whether creating a traditional or modern Christmas table this year, precious metals will elevate any dining experience.”

“Royal Crown Derby’s Gold and Platinum Aves collections

Gone are the days when you used to grab hold of that old torn cardboard box full of flashing lights, lametta and baubles as nowadays home decorations are becoming as dominant as Santa himself.

How will you be decorating you home this festive season? Share your comments and thoughts below.

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