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Sony announce Playstation TV for Christmas

Sony have announced that it is to bring its PlayStation TV video- and game-streaming device to North America and Europe this Christmas.

The device, priced at $99 (£60), will allow users to stream video, older PlayStation titles and games for Sony’s handheld PlayStation Vita system to any TV and allows PlayStation 4 players to send the action to a second TV.

Originally called PlayStation Vita TV, and it allows for Remote Play (so you can play PS4 games in another room) and can have over 1,000 titles via PSN and PlayStation Now.

A bundle featuring a memory card and a game will also be available for $139 (approx.£83) and as Sony have teamed up with Disney they are able to offer Disney Infinity on the device too.

Sony made the announcement about the release of The PlayStation TV micro console, which made it debut in Japan last November as PSVita TV, during its annual presentation at the Electronic Entertainment Expo’s annual trade show in Los Angeles.

Will you be one of the many eagerly awaiting news of the pre order dates for this new console?

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