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Stay Safe On The Roads This Christmas With Mio Mivue 658 Wi-Fi Dashcam

Mivue 658 Touch Wifi dashcam is your personal eyewitness on the road and UTCT were kindly sent one of these for review, here’s what we thought of this dashcam.

When we first received the Mio Miview 658 Wifi Dashcam we couldn’t help but notice how small and light it was and instantly thought how well it would sit in our car.

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We securely mounted the recorder onto the car and connected it to the cigarette lighter and made sure the cables didn’t interfere when we were driving. We inserted a memory card (which isn’t included) and we were ready to go.

Once we had started the engine the recorder automatically turned on. Using the control buttons and system icons on the Mio Mivue Dashcam screen, we set the date and time using the Automatic option which picked up our time and location using the GPS locations – there is also a Manual option.

We also set up the Wi-Fi which allowed us to connect our smartphone to the recorder so that we could transfer the files to our smartphone using the Mivue app which is needed if you want to transfer the files from the event/share button.

We were driving along and could see everything on the road was recording and we could play this back and see what was happening on he road while we were driving. This also put our mind at ease as had we been involved in an accident (luckily we weren’t)  we then  had proof as to what happened and what caused the accident. With our dashcam connected to the WiFi we could also instantly uploaded the video to our insurance company if necessary.

There was also safety camera warnings so that we knew where to take extra care driving, this is updated for the lifetime of our device. We felt that the parking mode, which is motion detected and records from the card with no driver present, was a great idea, however it  does require a constant power supply.

Another very handy feature is an alert which notified us if we went slightly over the speed limit.  We could also switch to photo mode which allowed us to take a picture of our exact location, as the GPS picked up on our co-ordinates  we could have proof of our location  if needed. We could also adjust the volume of the alerts etc, upload our files to YouTube or Facebook and even change the colour scheme of Mivue Manager and much more.

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Overall we thought that the Mio Mivue 658 Wi-Fi Dashcam was a brilliant way of tracking and recording what happened on the road. It gave us peace of mind knowing that if ever we needed it we had proof of what happened on the road – especially at peak times like Christmas. The display screen was very clear and easy to use and we think this would make a really great gift.

Would you buy the Mio Mivue 658 Wi-Fi Dashcam? Comment below and let us know.

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