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Stay Warm Outside This Autumn/Winter With The Gardeco Ellipse Mexican Chiminea

The nights are getting a little chiller but its still the sun is still shining and you want to sit outside, so what can we do? The Ellipse Mexican Cranberry Chiminea is exactly what we needed and when we received one for review we put it through it’s paces, here’s our thoughts on it:

Chimnea Outside Images

When it first arrived in the office the picture of the Ellipse Mexican Chiminea was clearly displayed on the front so we instantly what we were receiving.

To lift it was not too heavy so it could be easily lifted out of the box and put in place. It was in a beautiful Cranberry colour giving a real Christmas look to it. Standing at 65cm and with a 3-legged wrought iron stand it was not too big that it over took the garden and was sturdy enough to remain in place. An extra bonus was that it was already assembled so no need to try and work out how to set-it-up!

With the days and nights getting a little bit cooler we really did need something keep us a bit warmer when sitting in the garden and this Gardeco Ellipse Mexican Chiminea in Cranberry was the perfect solution. After lifting it into place we put some pumice stones in the bottom the line the chiminea before lighting it as this is clay chiminea and it is recommended to use these before lighting a fire.

Chimnea Fire Outside

We placed everything we needed into the chiminea, a bit of firelighter, a drop of coal and a few logs and light it. Instantly we were greeted with a warm fire which looks stunning. It gave off plenty of heat and it look so effective and the glass didn’t get dirty easily. Watching the fire as it was burning really gave a autumn/winter feel and we just added in extra log as the fire burned down, although the chimnea didn’t need to much added to it as it didn’t burn through the logs very quickly which we thought was another great feature this chiminea had to offer.

Overall we thought that the Gardeco Ellipse Mexican Chiminea was very easy to set-up, easy to light and maintain and was perfect for those coolers days. Costing £119.99 you will really get a lot of use out of this and will look stunning in any garden.

You can buy this here: Gardeco Ellipse Mexican Chiminea in Cranberry for £119.99 from the ChimineaShop.co.uk

Please note we were sent this product for a review however all thoughts etc on this chiminea are our own and we have tested this product ourselves!

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