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Christmas Gift Review 2022: Stiga Experience MT 500e Multi-Tool

Getting out in the garden in the winter can be hard but can be even worse when you need to wait for a dry day before you can use a corded appliance. That’s why we were excited to try the Stiga Experience MT 500e Battery Multi-Tool which we were kindly sent for review. Here’s what Mandy from our team thought.

Image credit: Stiga

Mandy said: “I love trying out new gadgets for the garden and it can be hard in the winter months getting outside and waiting to get a dry day to use a corded appliance can be frustrating, so when the Stiga MT 500e arrived in the office, I was really keen to give this a try. First, in the box there is everything that you need to set this up, the battery and charger need to be ordered separately on this set. I read all of the safety instructions for both the hedge cutter and the pruning tool before I even lifted anything out of the box.

After I had done this I took out the parts and began connecting them up, these were quick and easy to do, I simply put the hedge-cutting tool in place and secured this in place. I then connected the battery which just slots in place at the very top of the multi-tool which when it was in place, had three green bars to show how much battery power was left.

I followed the instructions to make sure that I had properly connected the safety harness and the MT500e Cordless Multi-Tool and I was ready to go. I went over to the hedge and I put this in the place where I wanted to start cutting and pressed the ON switch which lit up blue to show it was on, then it was just a case of starting to use this. The MT500e effortlessly started trimming the hedge and it was light to hold so it wasn’t a hassle having to hold the multi-tool. I could even extend the height of the shaft and this could extend to a further 65cm which is very handy as there can be some hard-to-reach bushes and trees.

There is also a pole saw which again was easy to set up but I read all of the safety instructions before attempting assembly to make sure this was done correctly, again making sure I connected this properly and safely to the included harness. Once this was done I took the Stiga MT500e over to the branches that needed to be cut and again this did so very easily and quickly it wasn’t to noisy and it was very comfortable to hold, I really liked the pruning tool as it helped remove the thicker branches etc and the hedge looked great. I have used this several times and charging up the battery is so easy as I simply remove the battery from the multi-tool and put this into the charger and left it to charge it up.

Overall I really enjoyed using the Stiga MT500e, it was easy to set up, light-weight to use and trimmed the hedge and cut some of the thicker branches with ease, I will definitely be using this around the garden year after year.”

The Stiga MT500e Cordless Multi-Tool is available to buy online for £241.00 and the battery kit is £176.00, both can be bought from Stiga.