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Stocking Fillers under £20 for adults you’ll love this Christmas

Searching for fun stocking fillers for Christmas? We’ve got you covered as we have rounded up some of our favourite stocking fillers for both men and women and the best part? There all under £20. Take a look below at our suggestions. We were kindly sent these to review.

Image for stocking fillers
Image credit: Shonamcq via Pixabay

We earn a commission for products purchase through some links in this article.

PG Tips Personalised Breakfast Kit – £11.99

Image of PG Tips personalised mug
Image credit: PG Tips

PG Tips personalised breakfast kit is perfect for any tea lover. We opened the box to find a cup included which had been personalised with our initials on the front giving it a personal touch. There was also an egg cup and a packet of tea bags in the box, great for having the ultimate breakfast in bed and would also make the perfect stocking filler.”

PG Tips Personalised Breakfast Kit will cost £11.99 and can be found here.

L’Occitane en Provence Lavender Cracker – £10

Image of L'Occitane Set

L’Occitane en Provence Lavender cracker is the perfect stocking filler. When we first pulled the cracker, there was a pillow mist and a hand cream. Both of these smelled of Lavender. The mist sprays out a small amount without soaking our pillows and helped give a good nights sleep. The hand cream didn’t feel greasy or oily on our hands and left a nice but not over-powering smell and I really did like the way the cracker design looked.”

L’Occitane en Provence Cracker will cost £10.00, you can find out more information about L’Occitane here.

You Know It Makes Sense by Del Boy – £14.99

Image of Del Boy Book

Looking for some sound business advice? Then this is the book for you as the ultimate trader, Del Boy shares his hints, tips and tricks for anybody in the world of business. John said: I’m a huge fan of Only Fools And Horses and who better to get business advice from than Del Boy himself? This book is packed full of funny advice from the ultimate market trader and had me in hysterics and I could literally see some of the advice he is giving in episodes of Only Fools And Horses. A definitely must-read and one I will be reading again and again.”

You Know It Makes Sense Book can be bought online for £14.99 here.

Skin Republic Radiance Revival 3 Pack – £16.99

Image of Skin Republic Radiance Revival face masks

At Christmas time, there’s lots of parties, dinners etc and you want your skin looking and feeling it’s best and this 3 set gift pack has got you covered. Elaine said “I try lots of different skincare products and was really impressed with all three of the sheet masks. There was a gold hyrdogel mask packed full of vitamins, Youthfoil face mask which made my skin look and feel younger and finally Caviar + CoQ10 face mask which moisturised and made my skin look plumper. With three of these sheet masks I could rub in any excess to my neck an hands which was great as it meant there was no wasted product. The ultimate Xmas essential for the party season”

Skin Republic Radiance Revival 3 Pack can be bought online for £16.99 here.

Billion Dollar Smile Teeth Whitening Strips

Image of Billion Dollar Smile teeth whitening strips

Get a dazzling white smile with Billion Dollar Smile. Katy from our team tried these teeth whitening strips and said: “I love trying teeth whitening products, so I was really excited to try these strips. There is 14 upper teeth and 14 lower teeth strips and come in there own packets, taking these out out the packaging was easy, I simply peeled each strip of the plastic sheet which was simple to do.

I then placed the top on my top teeth, again this went on without much trouble as did the bottom strip. The teeth whitening strips didn’t have a horrible taste and actually tasted of mint or slide or my teeth which is a big plus point for me. After 15 minutes I took off the strips and couldn’t believe the results, my teeth looked much whiter and didn’t feel sensitive at all. I can’t wait to see the results after the full 14 days!.”

Billion Dollar Smile Teeth Whitening Strips can be bought for £22.49 or the full range from £10.99 here.

Mad Beauty Disney Snow White 12 Days Beauty Advent Calendar – £7.00

Mad Beauty have combined Disney, Christmas and beauty all in one advent calendar. Katy from our team said “I’m a huge Snow White fan and I was so impressed with the design of this calendar when it arrived in the office. I opened up each of the 12 doors and behind each one was a different bath and body item such as hand cream, body lotion, lip balm and nail file – basically everything I would need to get myself ready for the festive season. Perfect to countdown to the final 12 days of Christmas!”

Mad Beauty Disney Snow White 12 Days of Beauty advent calendar can be bought online at Superdrug for £7.00 here.

Code Beautiful Lip Intense Plumper and Lip Liner – £20 Each

Image of Code Beautiful lip plumper and lip liner

This lip liner and lip intense plumper should be added the all makeup bags and is a definite must have for the party season. Katy from our team said: “I tried the lip liner first (both sold separately) and liked the way the colour looked on my lips and was really impressed with how long it lasted on my lips, I don’t think I topped this up at all through-out the night. Then I put the lip intense plumper over the top and I am so impressed. Firstly it had a minty tasty to it so didn’t taste unpleasant like some other lip plump’s and it did tingle on my lips but again this was not over-powering. The effect looked nice and natural and I will be using this as my go-to from now on.”

You can both of these from Code Beautiful for £20 each here.

Dorco Classic – £8.74

Image of Dorco Classic razor

Dorco Classic is the blade that only ever needs the blade head replaced. John from our team was keen to try this. John said “Firstly I loved the fact it came in it’s own gift box, it looked so classy and polished. Looking inside the box was the blade and handle which was in black, I took it out and it felt comfortable to hold. Using the blade was amazing, it didn’t cut or dry out my skin and really glided easily. Dorco Classic gave a really great close shave and left my skin feeling hydrated. This is one of my favourites!”

Dorco Classic can be bought online for £8.74 here.

RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum – £19.99

Image of Rapid Lash Enhanching Serum

RapidLash is an eyelash enhancing serum. Giving this a try, it didn’t feel sticky or have a funny smell to it and applying was easy. Starting at the inner corner of the upper eyelashes we placed some of the serum on and that was basically everything we had to do. After around 25 days or so we did notice that our eyelashes looked longer and definitely have more volume.

RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum can be bought online for £19.99 here.

Gillette Limited Edition Fusion Pro Shield 5

Image of Gillette razor

Gillette Limited Edition Fusion Pro Shield 5, Chill with Flexball Razor is the perfect razor to maintain any beard. John being the only male in the team tried this and said “When I used Gillette’s new razor I was impressed with how good and close it shaved. It contoured to my skin and moved with ease. There were no cuts from the blade and my felt nice and cool throughout use.”

Gillette Limited Edition Fusion Pro Shield 5 can be bought for £12.00 here.

Doll Beauty Eyelashes – £10

Add a bit of glamour and volume to our party look with Doll Beauty eyelashes. Mandy from our team tried these and said: “I always struggle to find a set of eyelashes that look good and are comfortable to wear the whole night but I think I’ve finally found the perfect eyelashes with Doll Beauty. Putting these on were really quick and easy and felt really comfortable to the whole night, it didn’t even feel like I had any on. The lashes also looked good as they added volume and make by eye makeup really stand out. I also like the fact that there are lots of different sets to choose from depending on what kind of look your going for, my must-have for any party night out!”

Doll Beauty Eyelashes can be bought online for £10 here.

W7 Beam Me Up Highlighter Kit – £19.95

Image of W7 Beam Me Up Highlighter

Add a touch of highlighter to your Christmas party look for an extra dazzle. The W7 Beam Me Up kits has three different highlights, Volcano, Dynamite and Supernova, each with a different colour to highlight your makeup. Holly from our team said: “I’m obsessed with trying out different highlighters so I was really excited to try all three of these in the gift set. The first one I tried was Volcano which felt quite matte on my skin and had a pink shade with a pearl finish. Then I tried Dynamite which is my favourite as it added a golden highlight to my cheeks which I thought looked amazing and blended easily with my makeup. There was also Supernova which has a blue/purple look to it and again went on my skin easily, didn’t go dry and was highly pigmented. I will be using these for lots of different looks this Christmas.”

W7 Beam Me up Highlighter Kit can be bought online from W7 Cosmetics for £19.95 here.

Buttermilk – The Christmas Collection Fudge

Image of Buttermilk fudge set

Buttermilk – The Christmas Collection Fudge is the ultimate sweet treat. Featuring five different flavours we couldn’t wait to try all of them. First we were really impressed with the design of the box, it was so festive! Strawberry Bellini, Cranberry & Orange, Crumbly Rum Hot Chocolate, Crumbly Mince Pie and Crumbly Gingerbread were all so tasty.

We tried them all and they were all so tasty, Strawberry Bellini tasted like Strawberry cream, Gingerbread tasted like ginger snap biscuits, Rum Hot Chocolate was like have a hot chocolate in a sweet. However our two favourites were Cranberry & Orange which was zesty and creamy and of course Mince Pie which was just Christmas in a piece of fudge.”

Buttermilk – The Christmas Collection Fudge can be bought online for £14.99 here.

Superdrug Bloom Collection 25 Days Candles Advent Calendar – £12.00

Image of Bllom Collection advent calendar

Countdown to Christmas with Bloom Collection 25 Days Candles Advent Calendar. Mandy from the team said “I really love trying different scents of candles and there were six in this calendar. I did like opening up each door to burn a candle each day. My favourite scent was either Berry Cassis and Fig Tealight or the Sugar and Spice Tealight, I can’t decide between the two! Each of the tealights at 4g and there is also a tealight votive included which I really did like as it was great to use each day for the candles.

Superdrug Bloom Collection 25 Days Candles Advent Calendar can be bought online for £12.00 here.

EcoTools Warm Winter Glow Set – £14.99

Image of Eco tools set

Try EcoTools Warm Winter Glow Set is the perfect travel accessory and stocking filler for Christmas. Holly from the team said  “I love makeup and makeup brushes so I was keen to try this new set from EcoTools, I loved the packaging as I could clearly see all the brushes included which were Precision Powder,  Controlled Setting, Angled Crease, Accent Shadow and Travel Tin. Each brush was done to a high standard and applied my makeup perfectly. I really liked the fact that it also came with a travel tin so I could easily take the set with me if I was going on my travels.”

EcoTools Warm Winter Glow Set can be bought online for £14.99 and more information can be found about EcoTools here.

Black Leopard Face Scrub for men £9.99

Image of Black Leopard set

An essential step in your skincare routine, especially as Winter is coming in fast as you don’t want dry, flaky skin. John put Black Leopard’s face scrub to the test over the course of a week and said the soft, gentle texture really did exfoliate his skin and left it feel smooth and soft. You only need a small pea size amount as it does go far and does have a good strong smell. Although John has been using this for a week he did say: “I’m going to keep going with this as I can see an improvement in my skin and at tenner a pop it doesn’t break the bank either.”

Black Leopard Face Scrub for men is available for £9.99 and can be bought here.

Tatti Lashes Gift set, Special Edition / £25.00

Image of Tatti Lashes

Christmas is coming meaning so do the parties! stock up on your favourite falsies for the festive period with Tatti Lashes which come in a vast array of styles.  Katy tried (we didn’t have to persuade her!) and she said: “OK social events are already underway for the festive season and I literally wouldn’t go anywhere without a decent pair of lashes on and Tatti Lashes are hands down one of my favourites.  You can choose from a host of styles including 3D Mink, Silk and Human Hair.  My go-to set was the TL6 (3D Luxury Mink Lashes) as these were long, full and stayed on my eyes all night – no reapplying glue after a few hours of slipping down your face! HUGE bonus point is if you take care of the Tatti Lashes you can use around 15-20 times, I just hope Santa does pop these into my stocking this year.”

Tatti Lashes Gift set, Special Edition can be bought for £25.00 and are available here.

We can’t wait to see if Santa will leave a few of these in our stockings this year!

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