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Stumbling,Tumbling Fun With The Chubby Puppy Ultimate Dog Park

Chubby Puppies are stumbling, fumbling, tumbling balls of cuteness and now they can all play together at the Ultimate Dog Park! Here is what we thought of Chubby Puppies: chubby puppies ultimate dog parkWhen we first took everything out of the box we saw just how cute the puppies were so get ready for a cuteness overload as they roll around, waddle, and chase one another through the park. The Chubby Puppy Ultimate Dog Park comes with an exclusive white, Pomeranian Chubby Puppy and a doggy house.

Once we had set up all of the pieces in place which was very easy to do it was time to try out some of the fun features this playset had to offer.

chubby puppies ultimate dog park pomeranian chubby pupUsing the puppy powered elevator that takes Chubby Puppies to the top of a slide was easy and then Watching them as they waddled and rode the elevator to take a fun filled trip down the slide to the grassy field below – was a lot of fun and can see how kids would love this set.

chubby puppies ultimate dog park slide

Manufactured by SpinMaster and suitable for age 3 and over, there are a range of Chubby Puppies available to buy separately as well as further playsets, Seesaw, Tunnel and Pole Course, which connect to the Dog Park for even more ways to play.chubby puppies ultimate dog park

Chubby Puppies are stumbling, fumbling, tumbling balls of cuteness and on the underside of the puppy you will find a switch which activates the puppy’s legs so that it can walk and waddle around unaided. Your cute little pup will now also be able to enter the elevator by itself and activate it, so that your cute little Pomeranian can go up to the slide and then slide back down to the grassy field below. Unfortunately the Chubby Puppy doesn’t have an automatic switch off so their little legs will continue to move until you flip their switch to the off position.chubby puppies ultimate dog park boxed

Overall we thought this was a fun and very cute toy and playset. With the potential to add lots more accessories to the playset this is one toy that kids will never get bored of.

You can buy Chubby Puppies at Smyths Toys

What child aged 3 and over wouldn’t love to find that Santa had hidden the Chubby Puppies Ultimate Dog Park under their Christmas tree on Christmas morning? Comment below and let us know.

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