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Christmas Gift Review 2020: TCL 10 Lite

These days it seems to be all about having the best phone with the best camera and amazing quality however these usually cost over £400+ but with the TCL 10L, that’s all about to change. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what John from our team thought.

Image Of TCL 10L
Image credit: TCL

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John said: “We do live in a generation where having a phone that does it all is something we all want but these can be very costly. When the TCL 10 Lite first arrived in the office, I was impressed with its sleek and elegant look. I took the phone out of the box and followed the instructions to setting this up which only took me around 10-15 minutes to do. Each step was easy to follow and before I knew it, the TCL 10L was ready to use.

Image Of TCL 10 Lite

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On the home screen, there is everything you would expect to see in a smartphone including a Search bar, Status bar, time and an array of different things you could do with the phone such as Settings, Files, Camera, Internet Access, Phone calls and more.

The touchscreen was sensitive enough and it picked up what I was trying to do easily such as being able to drag an object or to Flick. I could also rotate from portrait to landscape which gave a better view of the screen.

I started looking at all of the other features and was really impressed with a lot of them, in particular the camera.

Image of TCL 10 Lite on

It has a rear camera of 48 pixels and a front camera and I have to say that when I took some pictures, the quality was really good, the pictures were clear, sharp and look professional. The TCL Lite does have good volume quality too and it was easy to adjust, I simply just pressed the button at the side of the phone to turn the volume up or down.

One of the biggest features is the NXTVISION which automatically adjust contrast, sharpness and saturation and I have to say it made the screen image very clear and even had improved brightness when there were dark scenes.

Image of TCL 10 Lite setting

In the Settings, I could add on some extra security so no-one is able to access my phone, so I could have a PIN, password, fingerprint or face recognition which I thought was great as if my phone was stolen it would make it very hard to access it.

Everything from Clock, Alarm to Calendar Event Reminder and even a timer were all built into the TCL 10L and I could also browse the internet once I had setup with my network and WiFi. Other features which I find important are being able to access my emails and also having access to maps which again I could do with this phone.

Image of TCL 10 Lite back

Amazon, £169.99*: SHOP NOW

After trying out all of these features on the TCL Smartphone, I was expecting this to be well over £300 at a minimum to buy but I was very happy to find out it was under £185 to buy which does make a huge difference when someone is asking for a smartphone from Santa. I thought it had lots of features, everything I would expect in a smartphone and more and the camera was a real bonus as the pictures were great!”

Find out more about TCL 10L over at the TCL website here.

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