Tesco To Sell Chocolate Filled Vegetables For Christmas?

Crispy, crunchy and fluffy – sums up your potatoes at Christmas right? WRONG! Tesco now wants you to start thinking sweet and sickly as it releases it’s chocolate new potatoes.
Tesco Chcolate New Potatoes Christmas

No we haven’t been popping the sherry bottle, well not this early in the day anyways, and yes we did just mention that Tesco have released chocolate new potatoes for the festive period which,by the way, you can buy now HERE for £3.50

Twitter users took to social media to announce their shock over the new delicacy which included Nathan Lloyd who didn’t seem to keen on the new potatoes or chocolate filled sprouts.

What can we say?…they look realistic, now we just have to ask do we roast or boil these?…

Do you think we’ll be now talking abut that old tradition of chocolate new potatoes in 20 years time? one things for sure potatoes are just the start.

Have you tried the chocolate new potatoes from Tesco? Let us know how they taste below!

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