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Christmas Gift Review 2021: The Comfy Original Blanket

Having a blanket either sitting outside or if you need to heat up a little while watching your favourite film is a must and we were excited to give The Comfy Original Blanket a try. Here’s what Mandy from our team thought:

Image of burgundy Comfy Blanket

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Mandy said: “There’s always a time where it’s a little cooler in the house or I’m sitting outside and the temperature is starting to drop and a blanket is ideal. Sometimes it can be a little frustrating with blankets as they can slip off your legs onto the floor and then get covered in mud or falls on the floor and knocks over a glass of wine.

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So when the Comfy Blanket arrived I was impressed to see that this was a blanket that you wear which is a great way to spot it from falling and to keep heat. I really liked the red wine/purple colour it just reminded me of a cold winter night and the outside to touch is soft and fleecy. The inside is made of a white, thick fleece which is really soft and holds the heat which I was impressed with as it was like having two blankets.

The wearable blanket is one-size-fits-all and the sleeves can be pulled up to whatever length was comfortable for me. The blanket came past my knees which was great as it meant that I could get curled up on the sofa with the blanket on. I also liked the big pockets on either side of the blanket as I could easily store some snacks or the remote control so no need to get up and down to get things! I also liked the fact that it was not too heavy to wear and was very easy to wash.

Overall I was very impressed by how comfortable and stylish the Comfy Blanket was and I will definitely be using this all of the time.”

The Comfy Blanket is available to buy from Amazon and prices for the Burgundy Comfy Blanket is £38.99*.

*Prices correct at the time of publication.