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The debate is over…the nation’s favourite Christmas Chocolate Box has finally been revealed

We all have our favourite chocolate, from Malteaser to Roses and tins of Quality Street but what is the UK’s absolute favourite? You’d be surprised at the results!

Nations Favourite Sweets
Image credit: iProspect

Malteasers Teasers has been named Top of the Chocs with a huge 45% of the vote with the Coconut Eclair in Quality Streets named the least favourite chocolate.

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Roses are the nation’s least favourite tuns while Celebrations has been voted the best value and the UK’s favourite Christmas chocolate tin according to a study by iProspect consisting of 1,299 participants.

Golden Barrel came second with the Galaxy Carmel in third place. In second last place was the Orange Creme followed by the Toffee Penny.

Brits were also asked what other flavours the would want, here is the top 10 most wanted flavours:

Top 10 Most Wanted Flavours:

1. Coffee
2. Mint
3. Salted Caramel
4. White Chocolate
5. Truffle
6. Dark Chocolate
7. Nuts
8. Praline
9. Chocolate Orange
10. Peanut Butter

We’ll have to try all of these just to make sure the votes are correct!

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