The Designer Tree You’ll Pine For This Christmas

We were delighted when Christmas Tree World sent us over their 7ft Mountain Pine Tree and we couldn’t wait to take it out of it’s strong packing box.


Available in a range of sizes from 4ft to a whopping 14ft this is a bushy tree with realistic looking hook on branches which come with colour coded numbers. These numbers match the number shown on the centre trunk of the tree and are simple to attach.

The tree did take quite a while to put up – Elaine was the only one putting it together and after noticing she had gone missing for the entire day, we would recommend that if you’re short of time, you rope in friends or family to give you a helping hand.

Thankfully we have a wide hall with a fairly high ceiling here at UTCT HQ and the Mountain Pine tree with its 2018 up swept branch tips and measuring 147cm at its widest point fitted nicely.

Bushy and realistic looking, this tree is a sure fire winner with the team at UnderTheChristmasTree, the biggest problem we have with it is to stop our cats from trying to eat the pines!

This tree is absolutely ideal for adorning with hundreds of baubles and decorations. Elaine said the tree was so bushy that it almost looked like a real tree.

Finally, as a parting word of advice, KEEP the strong, thick cardboard box that your tree arrives in, it’s the perfect way to ensure your tree is safely and neatly packed away.

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