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The Modern Way Of Playing Cards With Shuffle Cards Battleship

Gone are the days of spider solitaire or a good game of ‘Snap!’ and new to the scene are interactive playing cards that can be used via an app. Enter”Battleship” by Shuffle Cards. This was kindly gifted to us. We earn a commission from links in this page.

Pretty much everything we do nowadays involves technology from making a payment to turning the kettle on, we can use an app on on our mobile phones or smart devices to help us. Now, you can even use an app to play a game of cards… Yes, really.

The Battleship Shuffle Cards come in a blue carrier box which is made of hard plastic and contains 88 Shuffle Cards.

The great thing about this game is that there are two levels – beginners and advanced making this suitable for all ages as the beginners version doesn’t require any reading skills.

You can use the free app to play this where you will be able to hit and sink your opponents fleet (before they sink yours!). The game is suitable for ages 7+ and requires 2 players.

We set Mandy the challenge of playing this with the ever competitive Katy. Katy had already been and read the rules and downloaded the app on iOS and was a step ahead of Mandy. Once they figured out how to play this (apparently grown adults find it difficult despite 7 years olds being able to play this easily!) the two battled it out using the coordinate, destruction and reference cards.  Katy of course won (Mandy definitely did not let her win… ).  The girls were desperate for a rematch which means this game is addictive and entertaining even for adults. ”

Because this is so compact, the battleship shuffle cards would be ideal for travelling, making this the perfect Christmas gift for 2015.

For more information and to see many more different sets available please visit: www.shufflecardgames.com/battleship

The Battleship Shuffle Cards are available at Amazon for just £6.99.

Will you be asking Santa Claus for the Battleship Shuffle Cards for Christmas?

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