Tiny Tears Interactive Doll By John Adams

Tiny Tears it the latest interactive doll by John Adams which is suitable for age three and older. The doll feeds, cries tears, wets and she can also make sounds too, such as laugh, cry and even say ‘Mama’. We were kindly sent this to review.

When UnderTheChristmasTree was sent this, we thought we’d take a close look at all the features Tiny Tears Interactive Doll had to offer.

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Tiny Tears Interactive Doll by John Adams available here: Amazon UK

Watch our step-by-step guide on how to set-up and play Tiny Tears Interactive Doll by John Adams on our Official YouTube channel below:

As we removed Tiny Tears from her packaging we noticed how light she is to hold – a perfect weight for her new owner to carry around. She comes dressed in her one piece baby pink romper suit and has a matching bow headband, both which would be very easy to clean, phew!.

Other accessories including a plastic feeding bottle, a bib, potty and a nappy for those little accidents are also inside the soft pink box. Also included are the 3 x LR44 batteries that are required, however these are tester batteries and we would suggest buying a back up set.

Just like every baby Tiny Tears needs to be fed.  Before feeding her fill her bottle with a little water and then simply press the bottle to her mouth and she will make drinking sounds, when she’s finished she will burp and will be content…for a little while.

To hear her make sounds, simply press her tummy, give her a cuddle and she will laugh, cry or say ‘Mama’ – don’t worry parents you can turn off Tiny Tears if the crying becomes too much. When Tiny Tears cries, she cries real tears and when you place her on her potty she will wet all on her own.

Tiny Tears is a 38cm hard bodied doll that not only feeds, cries tears, wets and makes sounds, she will also steal her owners heart.

Tiny Tears Interactive Doll by John Adams is suitable for ages 3 years and is available here: Amazon UK

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