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Tips To Help Make Washing Up After Christmas Dinner Fun

We’ve all been there, you’ve served up a delicious Christmas meal but then comes the worst part, washing up the dishes, so we’ve put together some ways to help make washing up after dinner fun.

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We know it’s always nice to get together with family and friends at Christmas but washing up after the meal can be a nightmare.

Nobody likes to be left behind with the clearing up so we’ve put together a few suggestions to help make the Christmas Dinner wash up quick and easy.

1 – Involve the kids

Kids love playing games, especially at Christmas when they need to be kept entertained.  Make loading the dishwasher a fun game for the kids by setting a timer and encouraging them to finish loading the dishes before the buzzer goes off. If they beat the buzzer, then they can choose which Christmas movie to watch.

2 – Music

Music can either make or break our mood, so why not put on some of your favourite festive tunes whilst you clean & put away the dishes? Kitchen Karaoke is underrated!

Image of singing santa
Image credit: Gellinger via Pixabay

3 – Use the time to reflect

Christmas is the one time of year where time runs away from us and we often forget to stop and enjoy the moment or reflect. Remember that in many cases, Christmas is a memory that will be discussed in years to come. Take the time to reflect on your day and enjoy it rather than letting the day pass in a blur.

4 – ‘Me’ Time

It’s not often any of us will rejoice at the thought of doing the dishes, but use the time as some much needed ‘me time’. As we mentioned before, Christmas is the one time of year where time runs away from us. Take this time to pause. Make yourself a hot chocolate (or a cheeky mulled wine!), grab some christmas chocolate, light a festive candle and crack on with the dishes. Listen to the kids play with their new toys or as they contently watch a Christmas movie, remembering that every bit of the work you’ve put into making your Christmas so special is for them and your loved ones as a whole. Before you know it, the dishes will be done and the kitchen will be gleaming!

Image of Santa sleeping
Image credit: schubinger via Pixabay

5 – Ask Santa…

If all else fails, write to Santa Claus asking for a ‘Dishes Fairy’ who comes and does the washing up when they’re most needed. Santa is invariably ‘snowed under’ (pun absolutely intended) at Christmas with letters, so don’t be too upset if your request is overlooked.

Now that the Christmas dinner is over and the dishes have magically been cleaned and put away, it’s time to put your feet up and enjoy watching a rerun of It’s A Wonderful Life, Bliss!

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