‘Tis The Season To Be Witty: 6 Puntastic and trendy Christmas gift ideas

It’s November and if you are reading this then you are probably frantic about getting your family and friends the perfect “puntastic” gift for Christmas. Along with getting your home ready for Christmas, picking the perfect gift is probably the toughest task this time of the year. Pun gifts can simplify the task in the sense that they are reasonable and easy to shop for. They also are a lot of fun, not just for you but the receiver also.


Don’t worry though if you still haven’t thought of the best pun gifts because we have you covered. Here are 6 puntastic and trendy Christmas gift ideas:

Horse eating hay1. Have a Little Pun: Notecards

Why not add a little pun to all your gifts with notecards? These notecards can make any gift puntastic. They feature creative illustrations of nature and animals done by artist Frida Clements, which compliment the puns well. For example, one notecard has a seagull with the pun, “ Hey Gull Friend.” Another one has a horse standing in front of a stack of hay with the pun, “Hay There.” You get 16 notecards with envelopes in all so if you have a lot more gifts to give out, you may want to consider buying two packs.

We are certain that your friends and family will love these cards almost as much as you do. You can grab these cards while they last on Amazon. With an Amazon discount code at PlusVoucherCode, you can add a bit of your wittiness with all your gifts at a reasonable price.

2. A Grate for the Greatest Person in Your LifeI Think You're Grate!This may be overdone when it comes to pun gifts but it never gets old. Give the greatest person you know a grate. You can pair the grate with one of the notecards and write, “You are grate!” This will allow you to express exactly how you feel about the person and how wonderful it is to have them in your life. Plus, pairing the grate with a notecard makes the gift twice as puntastic.

You don’t have to go overboard with a grate, just buy any basic one and maybe throw in some cheese too.

3. Poke Fun at Your Single Friend With a Wine Glass

Single wine glass

We all have a friend that somehow can’t seem to keep a relationship for one reason or another. Staying single is just a way of life for them. Which is all the more reason for them to drink, as if they need a reason. You can get them this wine glass with the phrase, “Single all the way,” a pun on “Jingle all the way.” The glass is handmade and can hold up to 17 oz., which means there will be plenty of drinking, making Christmas more festive of course.

4. A Pedicure Kit

Beauty Pedicure Kit

You are probably thinking why would you get someone a pedicure kit for Christmas? Isn’t it obvious, it is for their “mistle toes.” You can keep the kit simple with toenail clippers, nail polish, and scented foot lotion. You can wrap it all up and pair it with a notecard with the phrase, “For Your Mistle Toes.”

5. The Perfect Whisk For Your Neighbours

To Whisks “We whisk you a Merry-kiss-mas!”

Have a few neighbours you want to wish Christmas? Nothing says Merry Christmas like chocolates. Buy two whisks and fill them with Hershey’s Kisses. Before wrapping them up, put a little note on it that says, “We whisk you a Merry-kiss-mas!” You can get creative with the design of the note and it always looks better and personal when it is handwritten rather than printed out.

6. Blow Christmas Wishes The Right Way With Bubble Gum

Gum Machine

Another great idea for bulk gifting this Christmas is to send green, white, and red gumballs to friends and family. You can get mason jars and fill them with the gumballs. Add a sticker on the mason jars and on it get “Blowing Christmas wishes your way” printed. In no time they will be blowing wishes your way.

Christmas is a festive time of year. Festivities translate to fun and what is fun without a little pun? Make this Christmas a little more special with our 6 puntastic gift ideas making it more witty and festive for you and your family and friends.

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