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Christmas Gift Review 2021: Toniebox Starter Set

Welcome the Toniebox into your life for a whole new world of audiobooks, music and more for kids. We were kindly sent the Toniebox to review, here’s what Katy from our team thought.

Image Of Toniebox Starter Set
Image credit: Toniebox

Katy said: “When I was younger, we had good old fashioned big, bulky books for kids however now a day’s listening to bedtime stories has never been so easy. When the Toniebox first arrived, I was impressed with the design of the box and liked that it wasn’t massive in size and could easily sit on any unit without taking up lots of room. The material is soft to touch as it is made from woven sustainable fabric and has cute little ears on the top which are a fun design for children which also allowed me to turn on the Toniebox, control the volume etc.

Image Of Toniebox Starter Set

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To set up, this was simple as I placed this in position, turned it on and followed the setup guide which can also be found online if you need a little help. Once this had been set up I placed a Tonie figure on the top and that was it, my Toniebox and story or music was ready to go. I loved the Tonie characters as they look just like the characters from the books such as Stick Man, Little Red Riding Hood and one of my favourites, The Lion King. I placed The Lion King onto the Toniebox and pressed play and I began to hear the story of The Lion King and had four songs from the film including Hakuna Matata and I Just Can’t Wait to Be King. Once the story had finished the Toniebox automatically turned itself off after 10 minutes which is a great way to save battery time.

Image Of Toniebox Starter Set The Lion King

One of the best features is the fact that there is no screen time which is another way to help reduce the amount of time children spend on tablets etc. There are no cables or tricky buttons and can even be played without Wi-Fi access for 7 hours so you can also take this away if you’re going on a trip. Charging up was also easy, I placed the included charging station on my unit and put the Toniebox in position and it began charging up and took very little time to do so.

Image Of Toniebox Starter Set Charging Station

Overall I was impressed with the design, how easy the Toniebox was to set up, I loved the stories from some of my favourite books and kids are going to love the Toniebox!”

Toniebox Starter Set is available in a range of colours including pink, red and grey. This is available to buy from £69.99 and Tonies from £14.99 each.