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Top 5 Christmas Trends We Know So Far For 2015

It’s only just April and we can still hear the sound of Easter eggs getting cracked into however already we’ve had a sneak peak into what 2015’s Christmas trends are likely to be. Sit back, grab a mince pie..or left over Easter egg and immerse yourself into our top five trends we know so far:

1. Traditional theme – This year it looks as though Decorations, interior, TV and even fashion will all go for a traditional tone. According to Christmasworld (where exhibitors all meet to showcase new products for the festive period) copper will be making a huge stamp in the market and with Sherlock Holmes Christmas special being set in Victorian times – will we be looking at Christmas past for inspiration?

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2. Toy’s This year it seems big blockbusters such as Star Wars and Jurassic World will not only top children’s list to Santa but adults too. With exciting new licensed toys including remote control planes and very intelligent robots we can expect a tech-tastic Xmas this year.

3. Crafting – Whatever you do make sure you try some DIY this Christmas as your TV, markets, supermarkets and celebrities will all be pushing homemade style products. TV Star Kirstie Allsopp will also take her first ever Christmas handmade fair to Manchester this year which confirms that more and more of us will be trying our hand at crafting and looking to buy more individual and personal products this year.

4. Naturally Nordic –  Like 2014, 2015 will once again see the rise of Nordic inspired Xmas decorations and handmade gifts. From wicker wreaths to stag cushions already companies such as Melody Mason have already showed us a sneak peak and some insights of what is to come in December with a few having the woodland theme.

5. Story time, fairy-tale and animals –  Just like 2014 when Harrods window display was based on fictional stories including Rapunzel and John Lewis main animal of the season was a penguin, this year will see storytelling once again being very popular.  Delving deeper into a forest theme with a copper twist, this festive period Rabbits, Owls, deers and Polar Bears will all play key roles in shopping centers and even in your home.

What we’ve learned so far:

  • Techno advanced toys with a blockbuster twist will be keeping Santa and his elves busy this year.
  • When looking for inspiration think back to Christmas past.
  • Do it yourself or at least give it a shot to make decorations more personal to you.
  • When shopping look out for Nordic inspired items which you can use at Christmas.
  • Hunt out all your old fairy-tale books and take inspiration for a magical Christmas

What theme do you think will be big this Christmas? Share your thoughts and ideas below!

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